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Just thought I would write a quick post after I had a Skype call with John Thornhill today. I Joined his inner circle membership site and this entitles you to an Skype call With John every month. These calls are informal and you can pretty much ask him anything you like that is internet marketing.

inner cirlce

A got some golden nuggets from the conversation but we got cut off twice due to my bad internet connectivity. I have bought many of Johns products and have to compliment his attitude and knowledge of his niche. My questions were mainly about product creation and also list building , two of the biggest problems I think people meet when trying to accomplish an income online.

I also got some great tips on plug ins from John, one of them is called top-commentators-widget which really does work to get people to comment on your blog. When someone places a comment on your blog they may well come up on the top commentators depending on how many times they have made a comment. I know myself at present I am a top commentator in Johns blog and its near addictive to put up a value comment as you know it will give you some exposure when approved. So I have uploaded the plugin and would as you to try a comment and see how quick you can become a top commentator , its really quite addictive.


The other Plugin I got off John is called the sharebar, and you can download it here.  Its a very attractive and also free plug in which you can change suit the social networks that you would like to show, from Facebook, Linked in , Google plus, Digg , the list goes on. As the reader scrolls down the page the sharebar follows down alongside it so its always visible.



These in my opinion are golden nuggets that I got from John. The other thing about this consultation with John is that if one wanted they can then make a product from it to either sell or giveaway. You could take the recording and edit it or you could convert it into text very easily. Having these monthly chats also makes you accountable as I have said that I will be producing a new info product and I feel I would be letting myself down if I had not progressed to this stage the next time I talk to John.

Anyone interested in joining the inner circle can do so by clicking here and the value is absolutely amazing you get live Webinars, you also get to hear all Johns other consultations which last approximately 45 minutes and invitation to join the private Facebook group, all this for $7 a month.

I used to be the type that bought Warrior Special Offers for all sorts of money making ideas online. I am a changed man , the only way you can really make it online is to create your own products and to sell them to the masses but also to ensure that you over deliver.

If you are making products from Private label rights, ensure that you can re write the majority if not all of it , re brand with graphics , I have a great source for that if anyone is interested let me know and I will send it on. Finding the right affiliates is key to the success of your product and this is what my next post will be about, so till next time and to your success,

Hope you can leave a comment and become a top commentator ,

Dave Ball



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  1. Hi Dave,

    As always you are there to share what knowledge you have or gleam from others.

    As you say John has a wealth of knowledge and is where we all want to be.

    I have recently installed the CommentLuv plugin. Also installed the GASP plugin, that people need to tick to prove it’s not a spam comment. So should stop spam. Believe is written by author of CommentLuv.

    Peter Vince recently posted..3 Top Missing Pieces From Your Email List Building PuzzleMy Profile

  2. Hi Dave

    John is fantastic isn’t he and so patient and calming
    I am in his higher level coaching – Partnership to Success and loving it – we can speak to him any time in this program, and he promotes our products too if they are good enough of course


  3. Hi Dave,

    Interesting post, I like the layout of your site, I am going to have a look at this theme. I am using Flexibility3 and OpitmizePress at the moment. OptiPress is great for sales or a review sit but looking for a new one for my blog. I am with John’s PTS coaching program at the moment early days but have not talked him yet. I must organise it soon.


  4. Hey Dave,

    Great post! I’ll have to take advantage of that call with John Thornhill, I’m an Inner Circle member but have not tried that yet. I have an idea for a great kind of membership site, I’m sure he could give me some good advice – and maybe even promote it someday. Wouldn’t that be the jackpot!

    I’m interested in knowing about your PLR source if you would please send it my way..

    All the best,
    Ken Soszka
    Ken Soszka recently posted..WordPress Scrolling Text Widget Free PluginMy Profile

  5. Hi Dave,

    Being able to talk to a top marketer like John is immense.

    You read of so many people trying to go it alone by buying courses and struggling for long periods of time.

    Talking to someone like John can save you so much time and you’ll no doubt learn things that no course can teach.

    I look forward to hearing of your progress throughout the year.

    I also like your top commentators feature, especially because I’m near the top 🙂

    Keep up the great work Dave.

    Dean Thompson recently posted..Mindset Fundamentals to Online SuccessMy Profile

  6. Hi Dave,
    Have to agree with your comments about the consult calls with John – very practical and helpful. I bought a product from a couple of guys (who share the same first names), costing several thousand pounds and included ‘consult’ calls in which promises were made, but were seldom fulfilled and became very discouraging. A very different experience with John! Incidentally, I like your site, nice and bright and without your affiliate links being too ‘in your face’. Will be interested to see your progress 🙂
    Tony James recently posted..Audio TrialMy Profile

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