Week 1- The Quick Start Challenge 2018


Hi all,

A little about me, I am from Ireland, living in the capital and have had some successes online.

My name is Dave Ball; I am 43 and have been trying to make money online for at least 6 years with some success, but I have probably spent more money on courses and software is that I made in profits.

Originally I was a web designer from 2002-2008, after the global downturn I took a full time position back in the printing trade and was glad of the stability while the kids were so young.

 This is the start of journey with Dean Holland using his new training called “Quick Start Challenge”.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, from selling runners, tracksuits in secondary school to various different mad money making opportunities. I realised that my interest was in making money online, this was in about 2011. For no other reason than being a techie and a designer, it just suited my lifestyle. I have written 3 eBooks all available on Amazon.

I have spent thousands on products; software and so-called blueprints. I had small successes. I made this blog back in 2012 and said I would keep it updated every week, as you can see that did not happen. So rather, than start a new blog, why not utilize one I already have online. If nothing else, it is a reminder that daily action is required. It is also a reminder of the amount of products I bought and did not use. Additionally all the programs and courses I bought the were just awful and badly constructed.

There is little doubt that I have suffered from “Shiny object Syndrome”, thankfully it is not terminal. I am an honest and transparent person, what you see is what you get.

Unfortunately, I was on business in Germany when the first webinar was shown and as I write this I am watching, listening to week 1s webinar. It is also worth mentioning that I made two sales from this program from one little tip from Dean Holland. I have followed Dean and Craig for several years and I know that they are genuine people.

The 5-week course, which is now closed, is a drip-fed webinar, based blueprint.

My idea of this post is two-fold, one for accountability to myself and two, to show people the journey  I am taking which will be updated weekly.

My plan is to get results fast and stick to the blueprint. I see myself making this a success for my family and I. I will start as I intend to continue.

Many thanks for reading and I look forward to the challenge,

To all your successes,

Dave Ball

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As a web designer for 10 years I decided to get into internet marketing and now have a passion for ongoing education and training in this sector. My website www.internetmarketingbonus.com offers free excellent content and is updated weekly. Why not sign up and get updated with free bonuses.


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