Top Tips On How To Stay Focused

know your customerI have always struggled with staying focused. If it  was creating a website a blog or an information product I would get so far and take my foot off the pedal. In school and in college I was the same so I have created this post to help both myself and others to become more creative and focused . Hope you enjoy.

I am now more determined than ever to stay focused and have come up with some top tips on how to stay focused. This can be used in relation to anything that you are doing or creating. I have tried my best to keep it general as I want as many people to get what I am talking about and hopefully share their thoughts with me.


  •  Make sure your reasons are strong enough. What I mean by this is you will be more effective if you are excited about your project. Write down why this excited you and have it visible on your screen. I use stick notes that are available free from a Windows PC in the tool area.


  • Write down your objectives and also have them visible so that when you are not as focused as other days you can remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing


  • Visualize your objectives. You want to be able to visualize your goals, is it a new car? Well if so pick out the color, what extras do you require? Is it completing a website and information product like me? if so Visualize people congratulating you on a successful launch  and product. How does it make you feel? Are you proud of the fact that you have completed your task?


  • Have smaller weekly goals and when you have completed each one say to yourself  ” I have completed the XYZ task in time and I am on to my next goal which is …..”


  • What is your action Plan? To reach each goal what are the required steps in order to make this a reality ?Write them down and keep them close and tick them off as you complete each task.


  • Be accountable to someone else. Ask a friend or colleague to ask you weekly questions on your progress telling them your goals and what you hope to achieve in that time-frame. You will be surprised as to how much this can motivate someone into completing projects.


  •  Focus on one goal at a time. It can get overwhelming when you see a long list of actions that you need to do. I always advice on doing one thing at a time and you always get a sense of achievement when you can tick that goal off as complete.


  •  Celebrate when you have reached a milestone. Now I don’t mean celebrate everyday for small simple tasks but when you do get to the end of lets say writing a chapter or finishing off an important part of your overall project, reward yourself with something.


  • Block your time according to what you have to accomplish. Lets say you have only an hour spare a night. Tell the people around what you will doing for the next hour and that you need to have no distractions.  As a Father of 5 year old twins I do know that this may not be plausible sometimes . But work in blocks that suit your lifestyle.


  • A clean desk is a great way to keep focused, also a clean desktop is an organized one and an organized person makes for a better and more focused individual.


Hope you enjoyed my post and I would some feedback and how best you stay focused,

Many thanks

Dave Ball

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