Top Kindle Publishing Tips

 Top 3 Kindle Publishing Tips

How many products have you bought on Click bank or the warrior forum and not used, I know I have a hard-drive full of them. I used to put it down to procrastination thinking that the next product I would buy would be the one that would make a differance. That really never came, its about finding something that suits you and what I found is that Kindle publishing suits me in so much as it suits my lifestyle. There are so many insufferable products out there to make money online, the majority are re hashed bullshit and the rest are so complicated and takes so long to see results you will probably be broke in 3 months. There is the up sell, down sell and one time offer and when you finally get started you will realise that you need more software and more products to keep up to date. Thats is why I am sticking with Kindle publishing and its so rewarding when you start getting feedback and positive results. There are quite a few courses out there but do have a look at udemy before you waste your money on another from the Warrior forum. So I want to start with Tip 1 of Kindle publishing tips and I will make a further 2 posts to outline the remaining ones over the nexr little while.

Tip 1 of the Kindle Publishing Tips

Write non-fiction books: reason is there easy to write. So what type of non- fiction Kindle book should you publish: What are people suffering from, what are their problems and more importantly how can you help. Currently people are flocking to the Kindle store to help with their problems and self help is here to stay. The reason they are flocking there is that they can get information very quickly and very cheaply and read the reviews to see how good the books are. My first book is below and it took me a month to complete. The cover was from a gig in fiverr and I got my Mother to proof it.

Awaken Your Motivation And Live The Life You Truly Deserve 2014 

All in all I have made about $500 in the last 3 months from it. OK I hear you that’s not a lot of money and your right its not. But for those people who have earned more than that in a week online I take my hat off to you. But for the majority of us who are struggling to make a cent online from internet marketing programs, the only ones that seem to be making money are the ones selling the information. So the first thing you have to do is choose a niche and Tim Ferris from the 4 hour work-week says “Pick a niche and then go down a level”. In other words if its a book about weight loss go down a level. For example weight loss after childbirth. So go into Amazon and have a look in the kindle store under non-fiction and look at the categories on the left, here is the link. As you can see from the list of categories there are many to choose from. Go to each category and write down on a notepad the name of the category and go to books from 95-100, you will probably need to go on a few pages. Click on say book number 95 and look for the sales rank number like the image below.

Kindle Publishing
Kindle Publishing


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