The truth about blog titles

How to create a blog title that will attract traffic

In this Article I hope to explain in detail on the reasons I think that Post titles are as important as the content within them and why ?

Making your title attractive  in  any post is of the up-most importance and it also be great fun. Making it interesting for the reader in that they will click on your search result . I will use my own posts title to explain what I mean. For starters I went to the Google keyword tool and typed into the search area ” Blog title” and used both the exact match and phrase results to come back with the result I required. In total the exact match there is 1000 searches per month for the term ” Blog titles” and in the phrase result we have a total of 18100  per month and both have low competition.

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So in order to make the reader feel curious I named the post title  “ The truth about blog titles” , it is I feel appealing to the reader and if I saw a headline like that , which I thought would help me define what I was doing wrong I would surely click on it. So I like to combine the exact and phrase result and come up with an interesting title or headline. If you headline does not give appeal you are not giving the reader a reason to click on it.

Have a look at a Newspaper that you read or a magazine that you like and without thinking to much about it start scanning through it and write down the first three articles you read about, now look at your results and ask yourself ? Why did I choose them, What is interesting about them, Was there a question asked ? . Newspaper headlines are a perfect examples as this is what sells them, front page headlines. The Spin is in the headline, the body and also something that will reel the reader in . So my advice is to Study the main Newspapers sand find out what technique they are using, these can be local or regional papers as well, there only in existence as there making a profit from selling papers.

I have some examples of what I believe are great headlines that will help you get some decent direct traffic to your blog.

The How to Headline :

  • How to excel at  ????
  • Learn how to work from home today
  • Learn how to ????
  • Learn how to write an article in 30 minutes
  • Learn how to invest your time more effectively
  • Learn how to be the best at what you do

The Mistakes Headline :

  • Avoid the mistakes I made
  • The IM mistakes I made and you can avoid
  • Have you made these mistakes and nearly gaveup
  • 5 mistakes you didn’t know you were making
  • Top 15 mistakes made by bloggers

Threat Headlines :

  • 10 thing you need to know about your business partner
  • 7 Warning signs your business going under
  • 4 things you were afraid to ask about blogging
  • The shocking truth about ????
  • The shocking truth about online fraud

List headlines :

  • Grab these 15 tips on ????
  • 101 reasons to ????
  • 3 ways to create a free eBook
  • The top 10 ????
  • The top 3 way to ????
  • Write like ( Top author) in 6 months
  • 10 ways to look like ????
  • How to get the figure like ????
  • 5 ways to make money online
  • 101 home based businesses

These are examples of headlines that I have found online and also from newspapers and magazines and the reason there used is because they grab the attention of the reader and secondly and more importantly because they work.

One last piece of advice is that do not change the titles of the posts that you already have.  You have already been ranked for your previous titles whether that’s good or bad. If you were to change them you would create a lot of dead link so when someone clicks on the old link they would get a page not found message and Google do not appreciate this.

Hope you enjoyed my slant on things and I would greatly appreciate it if you could share or like and make some comments on this subject , many thanks and Happy New Year.

Dave Ball



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  1. Hi Dave,

    enjoyed your article. Headlines and subject lines may make or break your communication. Apparently, the typical searcher’s span is 3 seconds. Therefore, if you do not capture your audience with a headline, especially in searches, chances are that your post will never be seen.

    The same applies to subject lines in emails. Our inboxes are inundated with offers and if your subject line is not eye-catching and compelling chances are that your email will never be opened.


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