Staying Foccused as an Internet Marketer

Internet Marketing has always been my passion and the last 2 years I spent a lot of hard earned money trying to find that shiny button that would turn me into a millionaire. I bought product after product on the Warrior forum and jumped from one so called Guru to another. There was no shiny button. To earn money in Internet marketing you have to put in some work but it can be easier than you may expect.


If you look at the top Gurus who are millionaires in the IM niche, they all have one thing in common; they create their own products and sell them it’s as simple as that. Don’t get me wrong there are hundreds of way to make money online from being an affiliate ,some make a great living from other aspects of internet marketing, like CPA or cost per action, using adwords, the list goes on.

The main problem for new and intermediate marketers is that there is so much information available instantly. Most go from WSO to WSO (Warrior special offer) and do not stay focused in one area. All it takes for success is to stay in one area and to excel in it and you will successful online. Where the money lies is in product creation and making something that is unique and offers huge value for money to the customer.

This will not make you a millionaire overnight, there is no such system but what I can tell you is, if you start taking action of what you will have learnt in this special report you will make money and quite a lot of it. There are certain roadblocks that I came across when I first started in the Internet marketing niche such as:

Lack of money

Lack of education

• Did not know what niche to select

• Fear of failure

In a few paragraphs I will explain why none of these bullet points really matter. The fact that you are willing to learn now is what matters. Quite a lot of internet marketers I know left school without degrees and diploma’s and high grades and took it upon themselves like you to want a better future by taking action.

Financially I had very little starting out, you don’t need a lot to get started, once you have a PC and internet connection your halfway there. I will be explaining niche selection in an upcoming chapter but needless to say it’s very easy to choose a profitable niche. Nobody cares about your background, your age, sex or religion.

People want information and they want that information delivered to them in a way that they can understand, simple. Failure makes you stronger and if you learn from your mistakes and handle failure in the right way it can be a positive .It’s ok to be fearful of the unknown as long as you take action.

Have you ever met a golfer who has not lost a ball?

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Failure is ignoring the opportunities given to you. Staying focussed is paramount , Bill gates is focussed as is Richard Branson , Steve jobs stayed focussed throughout his life and they accepted failure and moved forward turning disasters into opportunities . You can do the same.

Success is only gained from taking action, no matter how small and to continue until you succeed and then rinse and repeat the process. Your eBook, Guide or report does not have to be perfect by any means it just has to communicate your message correctly.

That is why you always hear of a bestselling book and not a best writing book. It’s the selling that matters. You have to get to know who your audience is and what their needs are. If it’s a report for beginners do not leave anything out, if it’s a report for an intermediate audience refer anyone to your beginners and if it’s for the advanced don’t fill them with basics.

Therefore know your audience and how to communicate best with them and if you are in any doubt, ask your audience do not presume you know what is best for them.


Dave Ball

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As a web designer for 10 years I decided to get into internet marketing and now have a passion for ongoing education and training in this sector. My website offers free excellent content and is updated weekly. Why not sign up and get updated with free bonuses.


  1. Very good advice Dave, especially for those starting out. Pick a direction or a goal, learn about it, then the most important step – do it, and keep at it!

    It’s very easy to wander around with all of the info out there, and end up doing a little bit of ten different things, and get none of them done. That is a true waste of time and we all know how valuable our time is.
    Ken Soszka recently posted..Free Internet Marketing Website, Hosting Setup and ThemeMy Profile

  2. I think you have hit the nail on the head Dave, and I would add to that as one of the first priorities for those starting out is choosing a PROVEN business model, because this will give you a framework from which you can focus and devote your time and energy to. (Cuts information overload)

    Here are the recognized business models :

    1. Making money with monetized content sites

    2. Making money creating and selling your own master resell rights

    3. Making money creating and selling your own PLR content

    4. Making money with CPAs

    5. Making money as a blogger

    6. Making money as an offline small business consultant

    7. Making money from your own membership site

    8. Make money by creating mobile apps for offline and online businesses

    9. Make money with PLR products that you don’t create

    10. Make money by providing services to businesses

    It’s easy to see how if you don’t choose and focus on one business model you can quickly become overwhelmed because there is simply too much to learn in one go. Applying one method you will find the learning is in the doing.

    Ps I like your graphic.
    Gordon Smith recently posted..Google Analytics Integration With CpanelMy Profile

  3. Dave

    Great post there Dave and hits many factors especially when starting out.

    I know for myself in the beginning 10 years ago as now as it happens I started educating myself on “Make Money at Home” and other derivatives of that search factor. It was not long before I was “lost” on the internet, following link after link and making my eyes get bigger and bigger.

    I saw the potential of the internet 10 years ago and internet marketing was not like it is today. It still has the same factors being pushed in front of us all, “Become a millionaire overnight” “Push button programs” and more.

    Anyone that has done any mentoring course of successful internet marketers will know that this is not the case. A lot of hard work and previous failures have happened before success. This is by no means an easy industry to be in. Its work, work, and more work. Step by step each day. If you are not prepared to do that then its not for you!

    The education needs to be at your level on the playing field. There is no point trying to understand the advanced levels before you know the basics. The basics first being getting an online presence of your own, and taking daily action in promoting it. Once you are established move up a level – step by step – until one day you will be successful and then able to look at advance strategies.

    At present although I have 10 years education behind me and many failures I have to say. I am now taking the right direction and focusing upon my blog for now. Delivering quality content and helping others with their problems. I use to jump about from project to project and it has got me no-where fast. So now I focus just on the ONE area for a while and get it up and running before diversifying.

    Time is precious to us all and we do need focus in our business models. we need education at the right levels and we must take action appropriate to that level too.

    Do not run before you can walk so to speak!!
    Gary Watson recently posted..How Do I Find Topics To Post Daily?My Profile

  4. I like your post a lot Dave. The fact that we can at least get started in internet marketing without spending a fortune is great and probably what has enticed a lot of us. I have certainly found it overwhelming and difficult to focus. Feel free to visit my blog and see if any of my posts can help you.
    Sue Jackson recently posted..7 Secrets of EmailingMy Profile

  5. Hi Dave,

    If you don’t have to own product to sell then you’re always going to struggle and rely on someone else. So many people get sucked into the world of internet marketing and think they have to create a product about making money online to succeed.

    You will make make far money applying the online marketing techniques to a niche that has nothing to do with marketing. The best way to find out if a niche is profitable is to look at the magazine aisle of the supermarket. If someone is printing a magazine about a topic and you’re interested enough to buy that magazine you can create a blog / information product and sell it to the proven market.

    Lastly it’s about taking the correct actions rather than just keep on throwing money at WSO’s and hoping that one will stick.

    Andrew Stark recently posted..The Power Of TenMy Profile

  6. Hi Dave,

    You are spot on! I have been distracted by a lot of shiny objects too. This is particularly bad as I am online doing Network Marketing. My main goal is to create my own leads. Staying focused is paramount in any endeavor – in life or in business.

    You have made some great suggestions, learning and taking action! Stay focused at getting good at ONE particular area. By sharing past challenges, we can actually help others to avoid some traps. We do not have to be a guru to have our own product. We only need to have the desire to share more value with others. Money is the by-product of our giving.

    Viola The Business Mum
    Viola Tam recently posted..Stay at Home Mums – B for BeliefMy Profile

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