Social Ranker Review

Welcome to my review of social ranker , the newest software available to rank any webpage.

What is Social Ranker?
Social Ranker is the First Ever – 100% Automated Web-based Social Link Building tool which allows unlimited link campaigns.

What Makes Social Ranker Unique & Powerful Compared To Other Tools?
  • Social Link Building – Social Ranker is probably the only social and search marketing tool available in the industry with hands-free powerful link building options on 200+ social sites. There are absolutely no limits on the number of campaigns unlike most softwares.
  • Web-Based Software – Nothing to download, install, update, upgrade or manage.. Isn’t it great? Social Ranker is web-based SEO tool which allow you to add and manage campaigns in cloud environment. All tasks are done without captcha API and proxies.
  • 100% Automated – This is truly a hands-free social link building tool where each and every task is automatically handled and delivered. No registrations, manual captchas to deal with, grunt work – an absolutely automated ranking solution.





What is Social Ranker?Social Ranker is a web-based social link building tool which offer unlimited campaigns, some of the most powerful automation features, drip feeding, white label reports, built-in pinger and much more! Can I add multiple URLs and foreign keywords?Absolutely. It’s as easy as copy/pasting multiple URLs from the same website and adding keywords in any language your website/business is in. You can even mix and use Tier 2 URLs that are different from money site.
Do you offer campaign scheduling (drip feed)?Yes, you can set a drip feed period for one or all campaigns from 1 to 3 days. It’s not a very big deal though since we’re getting links from social websites and at most 200, which is by all means a very safe number. Is this safe to use with Youtube Videos?In fact, we highly recommend using Social Ranker for Youtube videos based on the results we achieved with our clients in last 6 months. Months of testing with 100s of client videos show that Social Ranker is 100% safe for ranking videos.
Will I get any campaign reports?YES! Our system will add a White-label report to your campaign once it is completed. You will be able to download a complete backlinks report in Excel format with login info included for each site where the link is created. Can I sell links generated with Social Ranker to my clients?YES! We allow members to run campaigns on behalf of their clients and charge them for those social links. The only thing prohibited is sharing of account details in any way!
Do I need to download/install anything?No, not at all. Social Ranker processes and manages all your campaigns in a cloud environment. Thus, all you need is an account at our website. It doesn’t matter what operating system you use, Windows or Mac or Anything else – as long as you have access to an internet connection, you can use social ranker 🙂 What’s your refund policy?Since the nature of our software is so that a lot of costs like captcha solving, proxies, signups is incurred to automatically process your campaigns, We Offer Full “No Questions Asked” Refunds Within 7 Days of purchase. It means that you’ll only get refund if we received the request within 7 days of purchase, requests later than that will not be entertained.



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