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We all have an interest in World news , in local News and what in general is happening  around us. For Newbies I feel it is important that when starting out in the Internet marketing or SEO world that the blogs they look at are the ones that give the most factual data available on a certain subject.

I asked in a Facebook group that I am involved with what they read online in relation to this subject and I have complied a list of must look at blogs that IM folk , newbie or seasoned should be looking at daily to see what is hot in The IM world.

I would also appreciate if anyone would like to add to this list and I will keep it updated. Its also a great way of getting other peoples opinions and getting into the mind of a marketer. It may also generate content ideas for your articles and products, what are people talking about, can I make a product or an article to suit those needs. Can I write an better article than the one I am reading and link my article to a comment or guest post.

The exact wording “ SEO news ” gets 5400 hits a month AND has low competition. Now that’s good news, its a hot topic , people are interested in what is new , what is trending and what is hot in the market.

Here’s proof on the traffic this is getting

seo news



Here is the list that I recommend that you keep an eye on

 Another surprise is that there are several high value domains available for this niche available.

Have a click on this image to see what is available

seo domains available

I am still contemplating on whether I should snap one of these domains up and start a new SEO news website which could be easily accomplished using word press. You could actually have a news aggregate website set up where it could grab news in daily from the different blogs and websites that have given you permission to do so. Be aware you would be obliged to have the link source in each post.

SEO news should not be narrowed down to the gurus either, although we all , including myself have a great admiration for them and there success ,sometimes people also want SEO news from the people who are starting out online, what there doing and what there problems are and how they are facing them down. This could be done in a personalized blog, which in my opinion is one of the most important things you can do online. If people are going to buy something from you they will most likely do a Google search for you, so having a site that is full of great unique content will only instill trust and build a relationship with the buyer and seller.

I plan to do my next post on the importance of a personal blog so please subscribe to my newsletter and keep updated, you can join it here.

So I hope you enjoyed my small article, I had an idea and I took action on it, its simple. Subscribe to some of these websites and keep up to date with whats going on in the SEO news world. I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned and am trying to offer value within my blog and help others on their journey to make money online.

TIP: When you subscribe to some of the list above, have a look at the email that they send to you , these people are the real gurus, so their sales letters have been studied tried and tested and work, what you could do is to make a folder on your desktop and copy and paste some of the more interesting  emails and re jig them to your niche and have killer sales pages and Email marketing. 

Till next time

Dave Ball

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  1. Hi Dave

    Good stuff Dave, some relevant points/tips in your post. Thank you for sharing.
    Great looking blog full of very useful info… one to model I think.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Dave,

    Its a full time job keeping up with the latest SEO news. I use some of the sites you mentioned above, especially Here are a few other I use regularly that you might be interested in.

    There is a lot to read if you study all the main SEO sites but if you just need a bit of advice and the high lights, takea look at my blog, SEO Help and Advice at

    Hope you don’t mind about the plug 🙂

    Roger Weavers recently posted..7 Google Ranking FactorsMy Profile

  3. Hi Dave

    Great post. I started on the One Month Mentor course too, moved over to John’s Partnership to Success now but still working at it.

    SEO is a big subject and i have a lot to learn just trying to get my head around Market Samurai.

    I shall take your advise and visit the other blogs.. look forward to readin more of your posts..


    Gordon recently posted..Comment SpamMy Profile

  4. Hi Dave,

    Great article with some great tips.

    It can be a chore keeping up with all the latest SEO techniques.

    I think it’s a great idea to start your own site with the latest news feeds. A lot of people also like to get teachings and opinions from people who have ‘been there and done it’ themselves and can teach from their own experience.

    Dean Thompson recently posted..Dedicating Time to your BusinessMy Profile

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