Reverse Blogging Review

Reverse Blogging Review
Hi guys,
As you know I am always on the look out on the Warrior forum for good WSOs and let me add that they are indeed few and far between these days.
The majority of the courses for sale are by people trying to make unscrupulous amounts of cash in the form or rehashed jargon.

Well today’s review is a little different and its called reverse blogging by Mark Thompson and Peter Zijl.

Presently its priced at $15.36 on the Warrior forum and its a steal at that. I have paid Hundreds of dollars for similar courses only to be let down. If you want to know about successful Facebook advertising you will never need to buy another product.

Reverse blogging works and I will tell you why.

Here is the link

We all know SEO is great if you master it but when you do Google changes its algorithm so unless you have the inside scoop or are continually trying to keep on top of Google it will be a full time job in itself with no evidence that what your doing works for weeks ahead.

Exact match domains worked a few months ago, then back-links, wiki back links, Page rank, domain authority, age of domain………. and it will continually evolve.

So full of of us mere mortals we should turn to different type of traffic from the social media Giants like Facebook, Tumblr, Vine, Youtube etc. One of my favorite ways of getting traffic is through Facebook as it is the most used by such a wide demographic of people.

This is where reverse blogging comes into play. These guys leave no stone unturned as to show you how to research your niche and whom to target for your Facebook Fan page.
This course goes into detail on how you can spend as little as $3 a day using FB adverts and within a week driving thousands of potential buyers to your blog or affiliate offer.

If your not willing to spend $20 a week on getting thousands of fans this is not for you. Think of all the other wsos you have bought and the money wasted from not implementing what you were thought, maybe it was too costly or too time consuming well this one IS NEITHER, Its cheap and extremely effective.

The tutorial  videos are very informative and show you how to do keyword research for FB without the need for the Google keyword tool. Some of the videos include how to create a FB fan page, the demographics of the people you should be targeting and overviews of what type of posts work best as well as a video outlining how best to operate FB adverts.

The overall audience in Facebook requires updates on a daily or hourly basis from areas that they are interested in , whether that be, Football, Ice Hockey, Pets you name it its there.

So what you get with Facebook traffic is Laser targeted traffic interested in the subject that you are writing about. Its how we get these people onto are Fan pages and Blogs that matters and in Reverse Blogging these guys will hold you hand and prove that it can be done and done so affordably.

Here is the link

On registering you will be brought to a WELCOME PAGE. Here you can download the 31 page PDF outlining the basics to Reverse Blogging. This is a very informative guide and is the basis of what you will be learning and is full of great factual ideas that are easy to implement and I can honestly say I learnt a lot from. There are also videos at every corner to help and guide you.

These videos are crammed with information so be sure to write everything down to save yourself some time. If you think you know a lot about internet marketing , think again these videos are priceless and I cant understand the low price ticket for this WSO. It could surely sell for $49 on Clickbank.

I would say a few hours and you will be armed to the hilt with new fresh ideas and once you start implementing them you will see for yourself how powerful having FB fans can really be.

There is also a great list of resources included and a couple of new tricks that will get your visitors clicking on your CPA offers over and over again.

In balance I think this is a great WSO but I would have preferred some more PDFs as I feel that I could go back to them a lot easier. The videos are very informative and as there is so much included they are totally required but it would have been nice to have all this in PDF format as well.

9/10 rating from me

The OTO is priced at $27 , I RECOMMEND YOU BUY IT,it will explain in detail how best to get content for your blog and also what not to do. Also information on an app that will change the way you look for new content.
It shows you how you can have an idea for an article and have it ready to post within 10 minutes. ( Main reason on bought OTO)
The Oto shows you how to triple the reach and income with very little effort.
There are also a couple of resources that I cant go into here as they would ruin the surprise.
There are 9 training videos in total for the OTO and in my opinion worth every cent , its a no brainer to me. The course is complete on its own but having the OTO is like adding fuel to the fire.
In its totality I highly rate the WSO, its informative, it guides you step by step and the guys who wrote it prove that making money with Facebook is easy , its quite often us that over-think things sometimes and don’t act on them.

Here is the link

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