Quick Start Challenge – Week 2

My online Journey started in 2012/13 with finding the warrior forum. Finally a way to make some money online I thought. What I didn’t realise at the time was that the majority of these courses were rehashed versions of older course and PLR, written by people that actually either had no income proof or had proof that was fake. I continued to buy the next shiny object and was let down continuously.

I decided to concentrate in my mid-thirties to go back to college and get the third level degree I should have done when I left school. Better late than ever.

My background is being an apprentice printer back in the early 90s. I stayed in the trade for about 7 years after I had completed my formal training. I left the printing trade in 2000 to work for myself as a self-employed web designer and taxi drive to prop up the bad weeks. I loved the freedom and meeting new people daily as both a designer and a taxi driver. I had some of my best ideas driving around in a taxi.

In 2008 my wife was pregnant with twins and the global downturn had just stared. People were getting fewer taxis and there was a less demand on web design as companies in Ireland were closing down overnight.

I took a Government job as a printer for stability and have worked there ever since. After getting a primary degree in Quality manager, I soon was promoted to Quality manager, a job I do to this day. It is stressful with plenty of responsibility but I have always enjoyed it. I travel quite a lot on a monthly basis throughout Europe. I enjoy travelling but not in this capacity, as government organisations do not always see the common sense in their approach.. I am sure this is the same for most governments.

So having dipped in and out of internet marketing over the last 6/7 years, I have never figured how to piece the jigsaw together. I hope that with the quick start challenge I will learn to be more focused and get the result I require. Additionally the print works where I am quality manager is closing within the next 6 months. I will be redeployed within the organisation but nothing is certain. This is what is spurring me on to make this a success.

My dream lifestyle would be as follow:

Well to start with, I am a happily married man with three great kids, that part of my life is content. Although my wife looks after two young children to top up our wages and it is cumbersome on her.

Financially I require:

€1000: Mortgage

€ 250: Petrol

€ 700 :Groceries

€ 500 :Utility bills

€ 300 :General cash for extras

€ 250 :Miscellaneous

€ 300: Loans

€ 200 : Socialising

This totals €3,500 I require to live the lifestyle I have at present.

So a little long-winded explanation but I think knowing the background will help people understand more about me. I want a lot to change within the next year. I would like to concentrate with a clear focus on affiliate marketing.

I would like to have a list of responsive people that are as passionate as I am about making money online or in the laptop lifestyle. My dream would be to have an outside office (man shed) and work from home. So getting up with the family, getting the kids to school, starting work about 10 am, and working up until 3pm in time for the kid’s finishing school. It is important to me that my wife would not have to look after someone else’s kids; she does not enjoy it and has little time to herself. Therefore, my wife’s wages also have to be replaced from my internet marketing.

We both drive cars that are 10 years and older to be replaced with up to date versions and not have to worry about the additional loans. Holidays at present are once a year. I want my kids to see more of the world, not just the two weeks a year they get to spend in similar holidays resorts. I want to be able to work from anywhere in the world and at my own pace. I am not afraid of hard graft I just need a better structure.

Within the dream lifestyle, I want to help others in their journey to make money online or assist in helping and advising in their businesses. In addition to my role as Quality manager, I am also the training officer and it is here that I realised that helping people is very rewarding. Seeing the results of advice I have given is grounding and hugely rewarding.

My goal is to reach a €100 a day within 6 months and to move slowly forward focusing on €10,000 a month for the next 6 months.

Within internet marketing, I have helped many people with their either website or graphics. Recently I have created a website for a friend so they can become a print broker. I didn’t’ charge for my time as he was a friend and I got many referrals from him on the back of it.

Even more recently there is a young Irish signer called Allie Sherlock, she was actually on the Ellen show in the states. An amazing signer and the videos are uploaded on YouTube from her busking on Grafton Street, Dublin.

Allies YouTube Channel 


Allies Dad Mark had created a CD of her cover songs and it was shown on one of the videos. It was weak to say the least. I reached out to Mark and offered a free CD cover. The result is that it is now being used to advertise her album on iTunes and other platforms. Since that initial CD cover I have talked to Mark many times in relation to their social media marketing. Some advice for Instagram was to ask her huge audience what they wanted to hear, to interact and have competitions and give away some merchandise. The comments that came after this were unbelievable. On that particular post, she got over 100k views and over 1000 comments. On another post with her new CD cover, I advised that she reach out to her audience and offer her CD using paypal.me. The results were amazing. Keeping it simple, not being salesy has proven successful for Allie.

Thanks to her appearance on the Ellen show, she has now signed up with Ryan Tedder and will release her own album very soon. That had absolutely nothing to do with my advice mind you; I just gave a helping hand in how she should approach social media and designed her album cover.

Therefore, to say that I enjoy helping people would be an understatement. I want to be successful in affiliate marketing and to be able to help others reach the same heights.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, its out of my comfort zone but being transparent is paramount for me,

To all your successes


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