The Quick Start challenge 2018- End of Week 1

So the challenge for week. One of the quick start challenge was to buy a domain and set up a blog. As I already had a blog for a few years I piggy backed of that but decided to change the theme and design of the WordPress theme.

The theme I am using is a free theme call MH magazine. I designed the header image with canva, the free version.

As was suggested by Dean and Craig was to have a personal blog rather than a business blog, so I bought a domain that I had let drop a year ago I am unsure which to use at the moment as I have them both using the same database. I can decide a little later in the journey what is the best option for my online business.

I have enjoyed the interaction from Dean and Craig, inspiring people to get the finger out. I know for me I’ve struggled when a piece of the puzzle isn’t fitting and sometimes I throw my hat in. Thankfully being part of the quick start challenge facebook group will in the future be of benifit to us all as I see there are plenty of people ready to advice and motivate others.

I also started listing to Dean’s podcasts which are approx 50 mins long per episode. They are fun  relaxed and full of  Golden nuggets. Here is the link for those of you that want to subscribe and listen.

I Downloaded a free android app called Pod Bean where all the podcasts are readily available.

So taking action, small steps in the right direction seems to be the order of the day and so far working for me.

It was also nice to See Chris Beatty comment on my Facebook post and also my blog. Still amazes me that guys like Dean, Craig and Chris who have made millions continue to help others. I know it’s part of a paying product sometimes but these guys go beyond the pale to help others.

I admire there tanacity and also there modesty and general down to earth atitutude.

So looking forward to next week’s challenge and the support I give and recieve in the group.

To all your successes

Dave Ball


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