Push button giveaways review

Building a list has been my priority for the last few months and it has been an uphill battle.

Where do you start , with what tools ?

Do I start with solo ads? with ad swaps?

Well I found my answer last week and that is Keith Purkiss and his push button giveaways.

I joined Keith’s site and was immediately surprised at the amount of training material available to watch. Lets just say that no stone has been left uncovered. The videos are short and to the point and explain everything in great detail.

I watched the videos first for a change and was able to jump right into starting with my giveaways, its made that simple.

All you have to do is to fill out your profile in push button giveaways and set a picture and away you go. The next step is to  upload your free gifts to the site and you can do this quite easily and as always there is a video to show you how to do so.

You only have to upload your gifts once on Keith’s site and they are automatically uploaded to the giveaway sites that you join.  Once you have this step complete you need to find an event on the site that you would like to join and click on the Join now button. You will then be brought to the giveaway events page where your profile is automatically uploaded from the push button site. You then go back to the push button site and use the details like username and password and from the admin panel within you can add your gifts.

Its as simple as that  , it took me all of about 5 minutes to join an event which could take anything up to an 45 minutes if you were to do it manually. Its a pleasure to use as its takes the donkey work out of the equation.

I have asked for support twice and was answered by Keith himself who seems like a very genuine guy and also a very easy guy to listen to when watching the videos.

I have had at least 30 optins from the 2 giveaway events I have participated in and I will be joining many more in the future. Keith has everything covered even if you do not have a list or a free gift. There is an option to use some gifts that Keith has included free of charge. So even if you don’t have a squeeze page or free gift you can start building your list .

I do advise that you have your own squeeze and free gift and you can easily get a PLR product and squeeze page from fiverr.com.

So its a 10/10 from me and I will be following Keith and his journey as he seems to be at the cutting edge of internet marketing,

To our success Dave Ball




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