How To Promote Your Business On eBay

How to Promote Your Business the easy way

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Have you  ever wondered how people selling information guides on eBay for 2 or 3 Dollars are making money. Well wonder no more.

If you have a product to sell and promote, eBay is a great place to get some loyal customers. You could sell your information guide for $5 and have a standard flat rate for postage as you will be probably be sending an CD which is light and cheap to post.

My idea was to send them an extra CD called “ Your Free Bonus CD“, How many people do you think will put that CD into there PC and load it up , we all want something for free.  So what I would do is to have on the Bonus CD a few links to some more of your products or links to affiliate offers that you reckon your customer would be interested in.

Another great idea is to have an introduction to a free eBook and the customer to receive the remainder of the guide would go to your Squeeze page and enter there details and then double opt in using your auto -cor-responder.

This does two things, One it gives your customer the feeling that they have got a great deal from you with a bonus offer and Two, it will prompt them to leave you good positive feedback.

With eBay fees and Pay pals fees sometime we get the feeling that at least half of the profits are going to the mentioned companies but if your smart , you can offer your customer special deals and up sells . It also gives you the opportunity to add these people to your email list.

The good thing about selling on eBay is that its cheap and you have a big audience. You could also put in a classified advert within eBay so you know that it will be up for a least 30 days.

One tip I would give is if you are selling large quantities of the guide for sale , Do not start with 100 available to buy, start with a number that already looks like people have bought your Book, its not cheating its just being smart.

Make sure you have a good sales page for the listing as well. If you are unsure on what one should look like, you need look no further than your email inbox as like me I am sure you have signed up to the many squeeze pages over the years and have many great sales letters just waiting for you. Take out the bits you like a combine a great sales page in minutes.

Hope this helps you in your quest for selling and also up sells, it works great for me.

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