PLR rights explained

Hi all, after buying some PLR material for an upcoming eBook I am presently writing I found the explanations quite poor and sometimes inconclusive . I decided to write a short blog post about what are your rights when buying PLR so please have a quick read and if you have any comments please leave them below.

This is also included in my book and this is an small extract from the chapter on PLR

plr explained

PLR is short for Private label Rights and it’s the rights to use the content as if you wrote it yourself. I find the best type of PLR is the ones that have unrestricted rights and you can do whatever you wish with it.

Having unrestricted private label rights make the process a lot easier and you have full control without having to worry about implications further down the road for copyright infringements.

You can literally do what you wish with unrestricted rights, you can sell it, give it away, use it in articles and add it to a membership sites. I hope you are now seeing the power and attraction of PLR material.

As it such an important task to understand your rights when buying a info product I have created a glossary for you to study.

All resale rights are not the same so please be careful.


          Resell rights :

  • You may be given automatic resale rights with the product you buy or it may also be sold as an extra or up sell.Generally when you are given or you buy resale rights you will also be given a mini website or Squeeze page and sales page or all three. You are free to sell these products and you keep all the money. Just be sure that you read all of the license agreements before you start.


          Master resell rights:

  • It is same as resell rights for the most part apart from the fact that you can actually sell resale rights to others parties and profit from that aspect also. You can add a premium if you are selling the resale rights.


          Giveaway rights :

  • As the description says you can give away the product in any format that you deem appropriate. There may be other stipulations including that you can’t sell the product. In my experience they are used to capture peoples email addresses and in return the end user gets a free product. The authors name is usually very obvious and it is for exposure purposes and to gain credibility for that person.


          PLR (Private Label Rights )

  • This in my opinion is the most interesting type, it means you can edit the product; graphics etc. and call it your own product. So in other words you can create a new product from a PLR product or combine a few and have one unique quality eBook. This gives you extra flexibility and you can submit PLR as articles, blog posts or create separate mini reports. Just be wary of the licenses, it usually takes two minutes to read them and it can be very worthwhile. For the most part they are written in dos and don’ts so it’s quite clear and concise.


          Unrestricted Private Rights

  • You have a free hand over whatever you wish to do with the product. This is the top type of rights to get and you can then resell the private label rights on to other interested people.


There are Hundreds if not thousands of info products that are available to buy online that have been created using PLR.

Here are some of the best ones I found and bought from and found them full of good content that can be used for research for creating your own products.

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Would love to hear your comments and thoughts about this post

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  1. Hi Dave,

    PLR is great because it gives you a framework to build upon, but if you are going to do justice to the product you are creating, then you need to edit the product to make it your own. Changing the graphics, the title name and over 50% of the content makes your product uniquely your own. Buying a domain name for your renamed plr product takes another step in the direction of making your product really yours, plus it’s a good as far as seo goes. The fact you have the exact match domain name of your product.

    I like plr because it’s so easy and simple to get a product online, but the easiness of doing just this without any action to edit the product and make it your own, may prove to be a mistake.
    According to John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson anyway.

    Got to admit though it’s just so tempting to chuck a plr product up without doing anything to it, but it’s not a good idea.

    As far as products with lesser rights, they *&^*^*^ upset me lol
    Gordon Smith recently posted..Create An Information Product In 7 Days Or LessMy Profile

  2. Hi Dave,

    Nice one Dave rights can get confusing, especially PLR. For example there is PLR where you are allowed to edit and sell as your own product but if reselling unedited you are not allowed to resell the PLR rights to your customer and there is PLR that is unrestricted where you can not only edit and resell as your own but also sell PLR rights to your customer. I have had to be careful when dealing with this, especially in my new membership site that will be launched hopefully soon 🙂

    To Your Success,

    Carl Topping recently posted..An Achievement I wanted To Share…My Profile

  3. Hi Dave,
    it pays to read the licence always carefully and in doubt to contact the copyright owner.
    Another important point is that you cannot claim copyright of a PLR product unless you really made your own product using the PLR you bought just as input, source of ideas and maybe part of the structure.
    This is again important if you want to publish the ebook on Amazon or similar platforms.
    Johannes Stockburger recently posted..The Mindset Question: Scarcity or AbundanceMy Profile

  4. Hi Dave
    PLR is very useful and easy to use as long as you “make it your own” by changing a lot of it, change the cover, re-write some of the content etc, it can be tempting to just use it as it is but that is not the way to go…
    Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend.
    Pauline recently posted..Guest BloggingMy Profile

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