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I just thought I would write a short article on how to find a profitable niche and what to look for when making your decision. The main areas where niches are profitable are in the Health ,Wealth and Lifestyle niches. Once you stick to the main three you cannot go far wrong. There are many micro niches or sub niches that are quite profitable , you just have to find them.

find a nicheniche

Where to search for niches.

You could be a very successful marketer and happen upon a niche that is not lucrative and it is easy to follow the money or where you think the money is. So therefore it is essential that your research the niche your are contemplting on entering. There are several places I would to begin with .

On these two particular sites you can find out what is trending at the moment and what consumers are searching for online and also what they are searching for.

A nice place to look is Clickbank and look in the marketplace, click on the gravity button and this now shows Info products that are hot and selling well on the site. The  higher the Gravity the more sales it is making . You can go to the sales page also and find out more on the info or product itself.  If there is a market for a info product , Clickbank will be selling it and another good place is Commission Junction which is a similar site.

I often go to the Amazon marketplace and have a look under Best sellers and see what people are buying, also go into the magazine section and see what is most popular. The reason I say this is because if they are printing a magazine about a niche you can gaurentee  that there is lucrative market surrounding it.  I also look in The Kindle store and see what kind of info products are popular there.

Never think that because a market has a lot of info books or products in it that it is saturated actually contrary to that the more products there are available means that there is a demand for this type of product or service. You could purchase some guides on these sites and create a new product from it putting a different slant on it and improving what is already there.

eBay had a great site called eBay pulse which gave  you an indication of what people are buying here, for some reason they have suspended the service but I imagine it will be back in the near future.

There other sites that are very similar to eBay Pulse here is a short list.

  • Watch Point

  • Terapeak


So lets say what is trending this week it is iPads, Wii Touch etc, you could look and see if there are products that could be created that explain all about the iPad and shortcuts or tips on how best to utilize it, or for the Wii touch console you could get your hands on the user manuals and create a step by step guide for dummies in 3 easy steps. These are just a few ideas off the top of my head to prove that product creation or finding a niche is not a hard task, you just need to know where to find them.



Another site I find fascinating is 43 things, this site encourages people to write down there top 3 goals and I had a quick browse before I started writing and some of the following are peoples goals , ” Lose 15 Pounds” ,  “Be More Confident” , “Learn Japanese ” , “Fall in Love”.
These are people real goals in life, do you think You have what it takes to help these people, to solve their problems , well write a book and tell them about it. If your look for Niche ideas or product creation ideas 43things is the place to go.

I hope if any of you are stuck for ideas for finding niches either to create a product or blog or even a blog post that this one has helped you a little, if you would like to share or comment please do so , its great to get some feedback,

Dave Ball



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  1. Hi Dave
    Love this post on niche marketing, very simple and to the point. Like a lot of other things in the I.M. arena some people like to over exaggerate and try to make things harder than they are. I know from personal experience that finding a suitable niche to go into can be difficult, but sometimes I think ” we can’t see the wood for the tree’s” i.e. we can’t see whats right in front of us. As you also state Dave if you stick to the evergreen niches of Health ,Wealth and Lifestyle, they are always a winner and never go out of fashion, especially if you go for peoples pain or pleasure 🙂
    Thanks again Dave for a great and informative post 🙂
    Terry Weatherill recently posted..Day 17 – Are Social Networking sites good for generating traffic?My Profile

    • Thanks Terry, your so right,sometimes people make it harder for themselves . I endorse what your saying about peoples pain and pleasure , there the big ones , thanks for your positive and kind comments

  2. Hi Dave,

    A great article on the importance of researching your potential niche first.

    I’ve read so many times where people have put up site after site and complained they get no traffic or sales.

    Further digging shows that the niches these people have gone into aren’t too popular, but they imagined that they would be. Proper research would’ve told them otherwise and prevented them from wasting their time.

    Hope people take note of this article.

    Dean Thompson recently posted..Celebrating with a Sulking DogMy Profile

    • Thanks Dean its always nice to get your feedback again . I have fallen into that trap myself and gone into niches that I thought were profitable and was unsuccessful, I learnt the hard way and hope this helps some others. Thanks Dean

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