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Hi all, I have been busy busy busy of late. I have decided to go back to the drawing board and to create local websites for the local market.

What I mean by this is that I am creating websites for professional businesses and ranking them and approaching these businesses and offering them either to advertise on my website or to buy it in totality.

local marketing

I started doing this about a year ago and dropped the ball somewhat and this is where my strengths are in web design.

So for example I will be looking at wedding boutiques in Dublin , so I bought the domain www.weddingdressesdublin.com and I will do a lot of you tube videos to rank the site and also back-links from a great piece of software called GSA Search Engine Ranker. This software will create endless safe back-links to relevant sites in similar niches.

So once I get this site up and running in the next few days I will then go to market samari or Google keyword tool and look for the highest search terms with either medium or low competition. I will then go and create my first article and optimize like I have discussed earlier in a year with SEO. Once that is complete I will submit a press release about the site and hopefully get some real relevant traffic to the site. The term wedding dresses in Ireland gets about 2400 exact searches per month so this alone will bring in some traffic.

When I have about 6 optimized articles posted I will then contact 10 of the biggest Bridal shops in Dublin and offer them a free months trial in which they have to sign up for. For this they will be able to give me 1 Article per month and 1 5 minute video and I will optimize each article to that it will be keyword and Google friendly and the video will be uploaded to the Wedding video channel. I will be charging for this service and I will also start setting up other sites for different niches like dentist, architects, estate agents and the likes.

Sometimes the answer is staring you right in the face the whole time and this type of business suits me as I like face to face selling and I like offering a premium service. All of the 10 shops I hope to advertise will get here own mini URL like www.weddingdressesdublin/nameofshop and this will also help rank their own website as each article will link back to their site. Every time I receive an article I will add it to their own personal page which is an incentive for them to keep on writing , I also to plan to offer a service in which I will write the article for an additional fee.

As we all know video is one of the most powerful ways to promote A product or website especially when in order for a product to be fully appreciated  it needs to be seen so adding a short video is perfect and once added to the blog post can also be uploaded to YouTube and other similar video sites.

I would really like to hear your thoughts on what I intend doing and also what other types of services I could include and to whom I could offer this service to , many thanks

Dave Ball


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