Local Website Builder review and bonus

Local Website Builder

This is a great course brought to you by Matt Bush and its available to buy on the warrior forum as I am not an affiliate.

I received a review copy the other day and only got around to looking at the videos today. First impressions are brilliant, the course is intense and its for any level of expertise.

My initial introduction in to the internet marketing niche was in local websites using dreamweaver. To be honest it was an uphill battle as anything that had to be changed took quite some to accomplish. If only there was something like Local website builder back then it would have made my business a hell of a lot easier.Local Website Builder

Some may argue that who doesn’t have a website these days?

Short answer the majority of people that offer services like plumbers, electricians, window cleaners, painters and the list goes on. Just have a look at your closest town and look for business listings for that area online. I did a quick search in my own hometown. I was amazed at how many just had a mobile number and an email address.

So that’s good news if you are interested in buying this as the market is there for the pickings. Matt comes across as an authority in his field and its refreshing to see as a lot of the wsos I either buy or get review copies are just plain bullshit and rehashed bullshit. Matt talks very concisely and clearly and each video has to be watched as a part of the larger jigsaw. There is no room in here to skip anything.

I usually don’t recommend buying the up sells but I think in this case you would be crazy not to as it gives you information like

  • Adding in Google plus
  • Lead generation techniques
  • Networking tips
  • Outsourcing tips
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Email copy
  • Flyers for promos

Local Website Builder

The OTO is $27 and is worth every cent. Have a look on this link in the Warrior forum where you can buy it. Please also see how active the thread is and also how responsive Matt is and how working and dedicated he is.

I will be on the hunt for new prospect and I have no doubt that withs Matts advice and techniques that will not prove a problem.

Some of the features of Local website builder


  • Careful utilization of every inch of home page space
  • Strong calls to action
  • Highly visible phone number and address
  • Testimonials of the business
  • A Google map
  • Social media link

The local website builder theme itself


  • Easily modify core theme elements such as background, colors, width, font, etc.
  • Plugin content and upload pictures using word-presses easy WYSIWYG interface
  • Easily insert YouTube videos by URL
  • Insert social media icons by URL
  • Highly responsive mobile, i pad ready

The fact that over 70% of people looking for local services search firstly on there mobile phone should be enough to motivate you to take action and start making money in the new year. With a dozen clients you should never be out of work with some internet marketing SEO and graphic work from the group.

Best of look Matt and I look forward to seeing you succeed to great heights in the future and I will be keeping an eye out for your next wso.

To your success and have a very Merry Xmas

Dave Ball

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