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Hi all , hope you all have settled back into your routine after Christmas it seems such a long way off now. Anyway I am in several Facebook groups in the Internet Marketing Niche and I had an idea . I asked in the different Private groups what there best tips was for list building and in return for their answer I would set up a blog post and post there quick tips into one large article and also to give each of the contributors a chance to get some exposure by giving their URL to their blog.listbuilding

So in short what you see below is a combination of all the list building tips from my friends in the IM niche. I feel that Facebook groups are a more powerful way these day than a run of the mill forum. As many have Facebook apps on their Mobile phones people can contribute at any time and can be themselves.

This is quite a large post so take your time to go through it, there are some brilliant tips here on how to build your email list and ultimately how to build your business and don’t forget and you have heard it a million times and it seems a cliche ” But the money is not in the list , the money is in the relationship you have with the people in your list”.


Ian Jenkinson says

“Providing quality content,products,or services is by far the best way to build your reputation, and build repeat traffic to your site.If
someone has a positive experience they will tell other people who will then visit your site.


Peter Vince says
“My list building tip would be, if the traffic does not come to you, you should go to the traffic. One way of doing this is posting in forums where your target market hangs out. So if you have a blog in the IM niche, then check out the top IM forums. Start posting with quality answers to existing posts and start off threads of your own. You will drop your squeeze link in the signature area of your forum
profile. Over time the traffic will start to come once the other forum users “trust” you and the advice you are providing.”


Dan sumner says
List Building Techniques

“Without a doubt my biggest source of bulk list building traffic comes from product development. Developing a high quality product which provides a solution to online problems brings with it a great bonus and that bonus is traffic! once you have the traffic all there is left to do is convert the traffic to subscribers for a perfect high quality list of people who are genuinely interested in what you do and how you run your online business.

What did I do to get subscribers?

To give you a real world example, I created a product called The Bloggers Roadmap. Which, in short is a step by step guide to building
a successful blog and online income. This product turned out to be very successful, selling over 2000 units to date and providing a list of very interested motivated subscribers. The Bloggers Roadmap, is one of many products I have which helps build subscribers.

How did I build subscribers?

By creating a great product and gathering affiliates to help market the product alongside your own efforts, your subscriber list increases the more sales you and your affiliate partners make.There are many techniques to use to build subscribers using product
creation. The techniques I have discussed here alone can dramatically increase your subscriber base. This is why in my opinion product development is one of the best ways to build subscribers other many others.”

Dan Sumner


list buildingLIst building

Mike Slater says
“My tip would be: Always have a sales funnel in-place behind your squeeze page or opt-in form. This way you will be able to
differentiate between ‘prospects’ – those who just grab your free offers – and ‘buyers’ – those who purchase your OTO, upsell or
downsell and therefore have a proven interest in, and an ability to buy, your products. This way you will have both a list of people who
may be interested in future purchases and a list of those who are more likely to buy from you again. Your back-end funnel should also ideally be able to differentiate between high and low spenders. The fact is that once people have bought, they are much more likely to buy from you again – as long as you are over-delivering high quality products.”


Doc The Coach says

“Let’s reflect on the value of a list for a moment.  With no one to email, even the finest info products will never see a sale.  Therefore,
the beginning marketer has to prioritize list building ahead of every other activity.  The great news is that the internet has compressed the time frame for acquiring a healthy list and, because of powerful social networking sites, the process can be enjoyable to boot.  Searching out people who will be interested in learning what you know is just a Tweet or a Facebook Like away! Never underestimate the potential of being social, plus it’s free! And consider falling back on the barter system to interest someone who does have a list to help you get your offer seen.  Evaluate the talents you have and seek out a marketer who needs help.

Perhaps you’re handy with WordPress or graphic design.  No doubt someone with at least a modest list will put your offer in front of
others if there’s an attractive incentive.Of course, by throwing a few bucks into the mix, the pay-per-click model is likely the one that shaves the most time off the clock.

Offer small, free info products in exchange for the name and email address.  Once they’ve shared that precious info with you, reward them by making it a true boost to their own success. Short-sighted marketers sell anything that comes along to their list, and the result
will surely be a sky-rocketing unsubscribe rate.  Be the exception.  If you wouldn’t trouble your mother with such an offer, why would you trot it out to people who have trusted you to be a solid business partner?

So, in summary, a list can be built for free.  And it can grow even faster if you’ll allocate a marketing budget.  But never lose sight of your list’s best interests, because it does little good to set sail if your high-pressure sales tactics are pushing crew overboard faster
than you can add them.”



Hugh Robertson says
“To get the best type of person to your squeeze page it’s important to think about the demographics of who your ideal subscriber is?
Use quantcast to find this out for the sites in your niche which currently get the most traffic. Armed with this data you can target
facebook ads or similar PPC advertising to laser target who see’s your advert.

To get the best conversions again tailor the page to the visitor, middle age women interested in knitting will require a different layout and design to young single males want to get rock hard abs.If possible use strong personal branding and explain exactly who you
are and what the benefit of your report / audio / video they get in return for their e-mail will be.

Oh, and if the top sites in the niche display adverts get in touch with the site owner and see how much it would cost to get your own site featured.”

Andrew Stark


Carl Topping says

“Heys guys check out my good friend Carl Topping’s video on how to drive traffic to your squeeze pages”



Ken Soszka says
” Use a professional looking sign-up form with a strong call-to-action, to help make your visitors pull the trigger on signing up. A plain box with two fields and a button just doesn’t cut it. You can use the excellent form editors provided by Auto-Responder companies
like Aweber and GetResponse. Or, if you are not good at that kind of stuff you can pay someone to create a form for you. It’s worth it,
because the money IS in the list! ”


Dean Thompson has a great angle for offline marketing

Dave here’s my tip

Not sure how this will sit with the ‘online community’ but offline advertising is an undervalued strength when driving people to your
offers. People get so focused with online techniques that they forget the tried & trusted ‘old fashioned ways’ of attracting people to
offers. Whilst there is obviously a cost to this, adverts in newspapers and magazines will be placed in front of many eyes. Just shy of 400k people see a certain fitness magazine in the UK each and every month. Daily national newspapers can reach millions – that’s a

lot of eyes! Offline advertising is tried and tested. Start off with a small advertising budget; make your sales copy stand out and scale it

Many thanks to all that contributed to this article and I hope you can share and comment, Dave Ball

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Providing high quality content seems to be the order of the day combined with marketing to your ideal prospect.
    Finding out what your potential subscriber wants and then giving it to them seems like a no brainer. I think what you have to be conscious off is to remember that it is not your “Ethical Bribe” that your prospect wants, it’s the benefit that your giveaway promises, the result, the forward movement towards their goal that they will experience when they have went through your giveaway product.

    This is where I feel that a lot of marketers fall down. Make it your goal to get the result for your subscriber so that they experience some positive experience from your product.

    Do this and you will experience good results.
    Gordon recently posted..FAILURE It’s All In The Mind!My Profile

  2. Hi Dave,

    Great post. Link building is mentioned so many times as an essential element to online success and there’s no debate about this. In the early days I struggled with building a list and still seek ideas on how to accelerate the numbers of my subscribers. Thank you for the above information.

    There is one thing I did discover, which has really helped me was to integrate Aweber with PayPal for my online shops. It’s easy and once set-up requires no effort to build – In a nutshell – brilliant. It has been a great tip for my business.

    This video shows how to do it:

    Thank again,

    Gareth Kentish recently posted..Just a quick one on ebay Seller CentralMy Profile

  3. Hi Dave,
    I read the last few days about a very simple but powerful method to quickly build responsive lists consisting of proven buyers: create a high quality product which is needed by the buyers of a product sold by people with big lists in your niche. Then offer the people with these big lists of buyers that they can give away your product to heir lists.
    This way you can combine the fast growth of lists generated by free gifts with the quality of a lsit consisting of proven buyers in your niche.
    Johannes Stockburger recently posted..Email Marketing and Mobile InternetMy Profile

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