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Over the next few paragraphs or so I hope to work through some of the myths surrounding list building and Email marketing, please leave a comment and share the article if you have the time.

How often have you heard the money is in the list, well its true  to a certain extent but it really should be the money is in the relationship with the list. Without a good responsive list you cannot be a success online and you will not be retiring very soon.

You need a responsive list, a list of subscribers that will open your email and click on the offer, squeeze page or sales page. There are just to many people that seem to get this wrong from the outset so its vital that its done correctly. As mentioned in another post you can do ad swaps to build up a list, HERE IS THE LINK

Once you have a decent sized list of about 100 or so you can do successful ad swaps with others on the likes of One important tip is not to over offer when email marketing, what I mean by this is that do not spam your list with crappy offers from affiliates. I find a weekly broadcast email is sufficient and the subscribers are a lot more responsive when done in this manner. People get tired of opening emails with offers in it, do it weekly and maybe include an offer in the email as well as updates to your blog.

Always be 100 % Honest in your marketing and give away the best content you can , IF YOU DON’T , your list will not respond well to you and you will be found out if your being dishonest.

Always give good value no matter what you are doing, if its promoting a product from someone else you could add a free product of your own if they buy from your link so that they are getting better value than if they went to the original product sales page. It could be a free report, a video , an audio etc.

Don’t use HYPE tactics, they don’t work, know one believes they can truly look 30 years younger if the use a certain cream or become an overnight millionaire, you have to be honest and solve there problem the best way you can but be open an impartial.  People today are immune to the hype, they have to endure adverts everywhere they go , on billboards, on TV , internet and radio, we each have a BS detector and it seems to be on high alert with the global downturn.

If you are honest with your subscribers and they know it, they will appreciate it and will be in a more positive position to purchase from you.

The relationship you build up with your subscribers is the most important relationship you will have online, nurture it and never try to deceive . If you have set up an auto responder with follow up emails have a look through each one of them to see if you can be more open and also offer more value to them. Ask your list what type of products they want, what type of articles they would like to read about and what they see as value. You will get some great feedback I imagine and also some great product ideas.

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