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When I viewed John & Eamon’s latest product “Like Page Domination” I have to admit I was leaving quite a few things out myself when it came to setting up my like page properly so as it would attract the right type of fans. John & Eamon have laid out a step by step eBook and video course for putting together the perfect like page with Facebook’s new Timeline. This course is a very detailed path that will take you by the hand and have you up and running in no time.

We all know Facebook’s massive right! Any successful online marketer will tell you that to be successful online you have to be where the traffic’s at (and targeted traffic at that). Well that’s exactly what Facebook has to offer and now with the new Timeline for business pages, what better time to jump on board this giant and tap into its potential.

So now you understand the importance of getting on to Facebook and creating a fan page for your business…why is there so many still not using it? It’s because they think they’ll never learn the process, but that’s not true at all, because with John & Eamon’s product; they’ll have you a master of creating Like pages by the time you run through the material provided within his course!

John & Eamon’s course for creating ‘like pages’ is so simple (and I mean simple). The way they’ve laid it out has been so clever, you’ll get to see all the tools John & Eamon use themselves were they show you step by step in the videos how easy it is to find specific apps and upload them to your fan page. In video three, you’ll set up your cover photo and logo in no time, then they’ll walk you through how to properly edit your settings. Then in video 7, (my favorite), you’ll get to watch John & Eamon create a free offer in Kompozer to use on your like page. I personally loved this video, because it’s something I’ve always wanted to get to grips with and John & Eamon have left it a breeze to follow.

OK, now for a closer look at Like Page Domination and what this new product can accomplish.

Video 2 – Setting Up Your Fan Page.

This wasn’t as difficult as I first imagined…I followed along to John & Eamon’s video training and had my Facebook like page created in minutes. If you’re looking to add extra visitors to any of your websites online, then you know the value of setting up a like page can bring you. It will set you on the right track and further enhance your sales by using the power of Facebook’s traffic.

Video 4 – Creating Your FREE Offer!

I loved this video and the way it explained to me how easy it was to create a free offer in Kompozer. I must admit, I’d never even thought of using Kompozer (which is a free open source for anyone to download and use) to create my like page, then connect it to my application. John & Eamon have left this point and click for anyone to follow along to.

There’s also an eBook and checklist provided which will keep you on the straight and narrow. So, once you have read the eBook and viewed each individual video, you can come back and checkmark each box and move along confidently to the next one known you have covered all the necessary steps.

1. It’s like having John & Eamon sat next to you showing you what to do.

2. John & Eamon also reveal some fantastic free apps to go and download to your new like page, which all tie in with driving traffic from other resources…and that’s what it’s all about – FREE TRAFFIC!!!

3. In a Word! Foolproof.

4. It shows you step by step how to be an expert like page creator that same day! Remember, these are really simple walk through methods.

5. This product is so user friendly too. Even a newcomer couldn’t go wrong when they follow the guide!

The key steps that I learned from each video were invaluable. I’m starting to see tremendous results now I have my ownlike page set in place…I was missing out big time on that targeted traffic – but not any more. Seriously, you just need someone to show you what way to put it altogether and this one does.

Like Page Domination is the perfect guide for creating your like page which will send targeted traffic to your websites daily time and time again.


Thank you for reading,

Dave Ball

PS: If you are going to buy one business product this month, this is the one to buy! It delivers exactly what it says it will do on the sales page and more. It will have your like pages created in no time FLAT! I implemented what was shown to me in the course and I’m now taking sign-ups through my apps that I set up using this course, (so it flat out works!)  I hope you enjoyed my review on Like Page Domination, I liked the product so much that I wanted to take the time and write my own review on it.

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