Know your Customer

Do you Know your Customer ?

Who is your customer

Knowing your customer in today’s buyers market is an essential key to being successful.If you cant imagine who your customer is how will you know what they want to buy and where they will buy from next. I once heard know your customer as well as you know your wife/Husband, I am just hoping that you do know your spouse or partner.

Here are some questions that you should know about your customer

  • Why will your customer buy from you
  • What is your customer most worried about
  • What is your customers dream goal
  • What is your customer trying to solve
  • What was the last thing your customer bought
  • What makes your customer happy / Sad/ Annoyed
  • Where does your customer live
  • What age is your customer
  • Is your customer married with children
  • What does your customer do in their spare time
  • What types of website do your customers look at
  • What is your customers salary
  • What age is your customer

Now to be honest you will probably never find out all the details of all of these questions as the Customer will probably tell you where to get off but what I do is to paint a picture of my ideal customer so when I am selling to my customers I have a face that I can relate to and a set of criteria so I can ask the question Will my customer buy this product”.

For example in this site internet marketing, I use the following as my customers profile,

Male/Female, aged from 25 to 40 with pressure on money from the economic downturn, They need extra money to supplement there income and pay their bills.They are hard workers and need some guidance and have been burnt in the past with other shiny button offers that do not work. They are also techies, they love the web and are passionate about new technology and will buy from people that they trust and whom they have history with.

This is my Target Customer now you can do the same for your niche and ask ” Will my customer buy this Product”.

The Ideal Customer

  • Will enjoy being part of your business
  • They will always be open to new offers
  • Will communicate with you on a regular basis
  • They will be loyal to you
  • Is happy most of the time
  • Does not whinge or moan



Never chase the money let the money chase you, Do not try and sell to your customer before you build up a relationship with them and you can do this by giving them free reports on the subjects that they are interested in.

Do not forget that it is your business and you determine who is in your business and who your customer is. Personally I have turned down customers that are negative and seem to focus on the problems and not what hey can do to improve themselves, I really do not want these people in my down-line.

If you have identified what your customers problem is , you can only then go about trying to help them and resolve there issues. Help your customer initially and they will come back and hopefully be open to your offers in the future.






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