Joint Venture and Ad Swaps

Understanding JVs and Ad swaps

I have written this article to try and help others as to the language and also the process that is involved to either A JV or ad swap. I hope that it makes a little easier to understand and how simple the process really is, please leave any comments below and share on Facebook if you like the post. I answer all the comments.

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A Joint Venture or in the web world they may be called JVs are of mutual benefit for both parties.

It is an agreement by the two parties to team together and to either sell or promote a program owned by one or both sides.

Ad Swaps are similar to JVs in that it is of mutual benefit in promoting someone else s  promotional offer or Squeeze page.

So for example if I want to build a email subscriber list I would go to either an internet marketing website and ask for ad swaps or I would go directly to a site that solely deals with ad sways such as and begin by asking for Ad swaps from others that are also  trying to build there list.

The advantage of ad swaps is that if you get a responsive subscriber list and that person is promoting  your free offer/ squeeze page,you will get a surge of traffic to your site or blog. If for example you have a list of 150 subscribers try and find ad swaps of similar sizes or you could also offer to promote their offer twice if their list is 300 subscribers but its not really about the list size its more about the clicks and the click through rates.

Personally I would not start looking for ad swaps until you have a list of over 100 subscribers as people will be behind the door about helping you out if you have nothing to give in return. I always build a relationship with an ad swapper , I do not want to offer my list a product that is inferior to mine as I put a lot of work and effort into producing a excellent offer. So get to know your JV partner and also their product. You will need to be able to get at least 75 clicks per campaign so wait until you are getting reports from the likes of aweber or similar auto cor responders.

Very important that you also know how the other party is getting the op-tins, I prefer double opt ins as it also a reassurance to me that I will not be spamming anyone or even to be accused of spamming someone is bad enough so do insist on the double opt in so that the person has to confirm there email before anything is sent. Never send a offer unless the email address is confirmed as it could be anyone’s email address, once you have the confirmation email , another email should then be sent with the free offer

Simple stick to the following :

Person submits their email to your squeeze page,

Person then confirms that they wish to sign up and then follow up with your offer, that’s it.

Test your squeeze page is working and ask your friends or family to do the same there is nothing worse than signing up to a offer and the person cannot access.

If you have an upsell or other  product to sell it may be a good idea to give  your JV to get a commission on every sale. Your new JV er will be delighted that they may also be a position to make a profit just be upfront and honest and you can only gain respect.

Always make sure YOUR offer is the best that you can give , people are not forgiving and have a long memory.

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