Internet Marketing Stategies

The mind of a marketer

Mind of a marketer

Internet Marketing Stategies

Welcome to a very important and vital section of what it takes to be an Internet marketer.
Marketing is part of every business its how we approach that really make the difference between success and failure. Lets not forget that it is only a part or section of a business. Once we can master the marketing piece we are on track to being a success. A lot of people talk about information overload and to be honest that has happened to me on numerous occasions. Fear not that is why we use outsourcing so every time you feel like you have had enough or just give up have a thought about outsourcing the work that is holding you back.


Use all the marketing strategies and tips that will be discussed here on a daily basis and master them.
When you are building an online business do not forget that its a buyers market out there so quality and value are paramount in anything you either publish or sell. If the customer feels  they are not getting value for money they will go elsewhere so make sure to over deliver every time.


As a internet marketer you will want to be getting new customers on a daily basis and making sales, do not be afraid to be successful . In my experience you do need a mentor to stay focused and also so that you are accountable for your actions. Try new things and different marketing strategies and this is the main difference between being successful and becoming a failure, if you do not try different things you will never know what is working and what  isn’t.
When initially starting out you should give away free reports about the niche that you are in and give value to the customer from the beginning and build up rapport with the customer and ask for feedback. Feedback can give you an idea for another free report or how to improve the report you have already completed. So Don’t chase Money let Money chase you, in other words don’t start selling to the customer initially as were all sick and very tired from the endless streams of spam email saying that x is the best thing since they invented the wheel.

marketer thinking

You can learn internet marketing as you go , apply and take action and reap the results and see how you can improve and ask others there opinion as longs as its constructive. Get people to follow you on the social platforms or through opt in forms on your site and ask questions like ” Whats the last three items you bought on the internet and were you happy” this gives you some great feedback as to the type of product that they are looking for and are willing to buy.


People buy on emotion and it is backed up by logic ” its about understanding why people spend there money online” what motivates them and what is the tipping point into making a purchase.
People Do not want to be sold to but they do want to buy from you. How many times have we avoided people with clipboards along a pedestrian street so why should it be any different when selling online but if you give the customer value and free reports they respect your authority on a subject , they know you have the key to their problem and how to unlock it.


The easiest way to make money online is by blogging abut the niche that you are in and giving unique quality content that Google will love, if you are in a niche because that is where you think the money is and you have no real interest in that subject you will fairly soon find it tiresome to write about the niche you are in so its always helpful to be passionate on a subject and also have a basis for the posts you will blog about. A question I am asked quite often is “How do I make money fast“, there is no shiny button , its down to consistency and perseverance. The fact is there is no easy way to make money online. Do not be put off by this bold statement because if your willing to put in the work the rewards are great.


Create a  blog or  website get it up and running and do little bits at a time you can always come back and improve at a later stage.Please don’t start off your blog with selling an affiliate marketing program, customers are more intelligent than that. You could always put in some Google adsence ads but no more than that at the start.
“DON’T GET IT RIGHT GET IT GOING” You can change the design etc later and also you may consider outsourcing it to someone with more expertize, have a look at you will find many talented people here who will work for $5/10 an hour so don’t get held up with things that hold you back.


If internet marketing was a book with say 300 pages in it and apart from the last chapter was full of failure it makes no difference as the final 50 pages are about your success, its the now that matters not what you did last week or last year. In saying that start off properly as customers in your niche have long memories when it comes to trust so behave like you would face to face with someone.
Get out of your comfort zone as internet marketing is like joining the dots only this time your drawing Dollars.



There are four main stages of competency.

  • Unconscious incompetent, example is that a child can not drive a car
  • Conscious incompetent , This would be where a child knows that they can not drive a car.
  • Conscious competent, Where you can drive a car but are very aware of every action that one takes.
  • Unconscious competent, this is where one can drive but thinks very little abut the process in which they do it as they do it naturally.


The same goes for business online, first become aware that you can do it and secondly master it so that it comes naturally.
If you want to become more productive find out what your constraints are and overcome them by outsourcing the things that you cannot do and this way you will concentrate on the things that you can do and do very well.You have to have a goal and a timeline to do it.


Be organized in the time that you have available, I have given myself abut 2 hours to write this article, I know that there are better copywriters out there that can probably do the same in half the time but I enjoy writing and I feel I would be conning my customers if someone else wrote my content. There are other things like coding and logo design that I do outsource for reasons that I know I am not good enough to do them myself and  someone else can do a better job in a fraction of the time.


If you are organized and have a plan of action you will succeed a lot quicker than someone who is sloppy and has a cluttered working space. If your place of work is organized so will your mind.A good start is to look at your desktop and clean up all files and folder so that you know where everything is and tidy up your paper notes.


Paper planning is something you can do when not in the office or at your desktop, you can write down ideas, write a plan of action , create a plan of what needs to be dome in order to get to the next stage.
Scrutinize your day and see where you are most productive and remove non productive tasks and replace them with productive ones, simple as that.

Brain of a marketer

Plan  tomorrow today

Write a pledge to yourself saying that you will every day take some form of action and be accountable for that action, whether that be writing on your blog, emailing some customers on what your next blog will be about and look for feedback, find a plugin, edit an image, just do something every day and you will be a step closer to where you want to be.
While you are working get into a routine , here is what I do while working



  • Listen to calming music
  • Have a break once an hour
  • Have good lighting
  • Go for walks
  • Have a clean and quiet work station
  • Plan tomorrow today
  • Prioritize your tasks into the most important first
  • Use a count down timer, work in 60 min slots
  • Try not to be interrupted
  • Turn off email , social media, don’t check your emails every 10 minutes.


Plan from your end goal and work backwards. Olympic coaches for the last two decades will not train sports people who do not believe they can will the gold medal.They train the future Olympians to be able to visualize holding that gold medal after winning there sport, there asked to describe what it feels like , how heavy it is. They are then asked to run the race in there heads, what bends were there, what hurdles, did they look back and see others. They go back to the morning of the race, how did the person feel , were they nervous, were they quiet, what did it feel like.


The Olympians are asked to go back a week previous to 7 days before the race and what efforts were put in in order to win that race and also a month prior when they knew they would have to pack soon and be mentally ready.
They go back 3 months, 6 months, you get the general idea until they are in the present tense and what they have to do in order to win that gold as its now just a matter of going forward positively and winning. You have to work out what your own directions are and what are the important tasks to do first.


So we need a 12 month internet marketing strategy  plan which can be broken up to four 90 day plans in which that can be broken into 12 monthly plans and the monthly plan into four weekly plans so that you will always know what plan of action is required for the week ahead.
You could also write a journal on what you do every day in order to get to a certain point in your web business , this could be given as a free report, you could include what mistakes you made, how you fixed them and how you felt, people relate to peoples failings and it would make interesting reading especially for those that find themselves at the beginning of a online journey.


You must work through the hard days and never give up, plan your income targets write down your goals  and pledges and visualize yourself being successful, its the law of attraction, think positive and you will succeed.

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