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We all want to increase our Websites Traffic and there is no push button way to do this . But by doing a combination of some of the traffic methods I have discussed in earlier posts will help hugely and increase the amount of visitors you get to your website or blog.

One methods I use everyday is: 

Forums and disscusion

Forums :

Forums can drive huge amounts of traffic to your site and can be accomplished easily and quickly .You can also build up your reputation and presence online in this manner. You can give good advice and also compliment other posts if you either agree or otherwise. You will also keep up to date with the current affairs and what is hot in your niche. This is a great way to find out what people are looking for , what problems they are having and what do they need to solve there problems.

An example of this is I am a regular poster in the warrior which is mainly about the Internet marketing niche, one of the problems I found that people are always looking to solve is traffic to their website , so what I am doing now is creating articles and sub categories and writing about them which I will eventually turn into a product with an up-sell, you all could do the same.

Your forum signature is a great free way of advertising an offer or a sales page. I would recommend that you  advertise a squeeze page  where you can get email addresses of people that are interested in your service. In return for them giving you their email address you will then give them a free product, it could be many things, like a video , an audio, a free report. You could also ask a question in your signature  and finish off with click here to find your answer. An example of a squeeze page is my own here, where you will get 200 free reports on starting a business as my niche is mainly about making money online.Here is the link , have a look and if your interested sign up , you can always unsubscribe.

Have a look around the forum you are registered in as there is nothing worse than finding in a post about your question and there is already a  full thread about the same topic .It shows that the person is lazy and also not researching,  there is an search area within every forum so use it to the best of your ability.

forums feedbackIf you do not know what you are posting about in a forum people who do know will soon enough let you know so research what you are about to post, find a post or thread and learn about it and you could then post something like ” I found the following thread about web site traffic and I have to say I agree entirely with the author of the post, its a great article etc” and link this post and discuss it. Don’t be afraid to afraid to stir thing up a little , the more controversial you are , the more people will reply to the thread, as long as you don’t offend anybody you have nothing to worry about.


Start threads about the topic that interests you the most and one that you are knowledgeable about and offer good value content that people will reply to .

Be controversial but not offensive.

Most of all be honest and your integrity will follow you.

Dave Ball






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  1. Great Article, Dave :), sometimes it looks really difficult what to post ??and how to post replies – feel hesitant …

    I still don’t use forums usually …

    can you share some more tips … ??

  2. Hi Rohit , thanks for your feedback , its always welcome here.
    I use forums on a regular if not daily basis.
    I find out what there talking about, what is trending and I always compliment a poster for making the effort to give value.

    When you say “share more tips” is this in relation to Forums in general or other traffic tips, look for ward to hearing back from you.
    Dave Ball

  3. Great post Dave,

    I have never posted a thread or comment in a forum, i’ve never had the confidence to, but now i’ve started my blog I can see the huge potential in getting traffic from these sources. I think i’ll head over to the Warrior forum and get signed up.

    Cheers for the advice,

    Scott campbell recently posted..Creating My First Product.My Profile

  4. No I just want to stay focused on learning about 1 traffic source first …..
    when i start generating traffic from it then i’ll move to the other one…

    people usually make this mistake — — try to grab all the information they can and found them self no in the end….

    so i am asking about forums..

  5. In relation to getting back to you in regard’s to tips from forum marketing here goes.
    Have a look at a hot topic on a forum , one that may be controversial and has a lot of NEW posts in the last few days. A post that people are interested in. Go to your blog and write an article about what the people are talking about in your niche and have the title called some like ” Find out the answer to xyz here”.
    Now go back to your forum and change your signature to the title of your new blog. You could create a post saying , listen guys I have created an article in relation to exactly what we are talking about, what do you think, am I being fair etc.
    Start blogging your opinion on this subject and make it clear that your an expert in this area.
    You can also change the signature when the topic or thread is no longer as hot and then look for another one, hope this helps , Dave Ball

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