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Free eBooks and Giveaways to gain traffic


Whether you want to call them eBooks, guides , reports its the content they contain that matters.It may also be a free audio, free video tutorials the choice is yours.

You can generate a substantial amount of traffic from this source. It also helps to establish your credibility and online presence. Once you written a free report or guide you are then a published Author. No longer the days of finding a publisher and trying to make money in the physical sense as it is quite easy to do so for as little as a few Dollar’s.

One piece of advice is not to use PLR articles but they can be used for research and idea generating. It has been often said that you should give away your best content and I agree , giving away your content to people who may not have bought from you will bring in new customers. In general who does not want a free guide in an area where they are experiencing problems and if you can assure them that this will solve there problem , you may have a customer for life.

 seo cloud tipsGenerally I offer free reports from several Squeeze pages that I have.  I Offer something that is worth value to them and they also have the opportunity to re brand the product and to either sell it or give it away and this is something I encourage. The main reason is that I have links within the guides that bring the reader back to my website and blogs and special offers.

These links will always be there, its set up and forget method. So if you have written a report , it may still be doing the rounds in 3/5 years time. Do make sure that when you insert links into the PDF that you make this copyright so that no one can delete or change your link. You can also give distribution instructions to back this up.


Make your content 100 % brilliant and make your squeeze page stand out and the reader will give you that email address .In the past I have advertised on local websites under business opportunities and make my offer. The response from a giveaway report is absolutely brilliant, people will be grateful of the free gift your giving them and if its as good  as you can make it your new readers will be asking for more and this is where you can make up sells either on new products or more in-depth training in the same area.

Facebook groups are great ways of telling the masses about your free giveaway product, there are 100s of groups in Facebook for every niche, whether its knitting, cycling or making money online you should be interacting with these groups and making friends. These very same people could be become business partners or Joints Venture partners in the future. Always offer value in the group that you are involved with and be upfront and honest.

Another neat idea  is to add in your free report something like this ” If you like this free report and would like to hear or read some more information in an advanced module please click here”. You could then link to a new or existing sales page where you have a product for sale that will offer more value to the customer . You could also offer up-sells and down-sells here depending on the decision of the customer. My advice is to have only one down sell, in other words if your customer decides its not for them and the price is $49 and if they click to leave the page you offer them the same product for $5. This proves two things, one that your product was never worth the full asking price and you cannot be trusted. So if the customer decides not to buy offer it either at a discount price 20 % lower and if they decide they still do not want your product you could a offer them a free trial or a introduction sample of the product.

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I do hope you enjoyed my insight as to what and how to give away product to gain web traffic, I would ask if you have a minute to write a comment or share on the social platforms, very many thanks for reading,

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