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Content is King

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We all know its a fact that content is king and that producing quality content is not as easy as it seems. I wrote an article a while back on how I keep up to date with the latest SEO news and this is a good habit to get into, as it gives you ideas for fresh content. Don’t forget if the Gurus are talking about a subject that they think is hot well then it probably is.

Subscribe to some or all of the list I mentioned in the SEO NEWS post and get a feel for people are discussing and also have a look at the readers comments as this may give you an idea on what they are looking for and may give you ideas on what to write your next post on.

Fresh content will keep your readers coming back to you and as I have stressed write naturally for the people who are reading your post. The audience will come if you do this. You can highlight the keywords by italics or making them bold  or both.This lets Google know what you think the important words are within the article. Do not over do it with the keywords though .

Say if your writing a 600/700 word article I would use the same keyword only 3/4 times but you can also use variations of that keyword and re use that 3 or 4 times, for example say my keyword is “Article writing” I could then mention other related keywords like, “ When you are writing an article” or “ Proof reading your article”  or finally ” How best to find the time to write an article.

Google do not appreciate the over use of keywords, can you imagine reading a newspaper article and it keeps stressing the same two or three words repetitively I would expect that you would not buy the paper again so the same respect is required when posting on your blog.

What I find the hardest is finding time to write an article, presently I am sitting down watching Peppa pig with my 5 year old twins, its not ideal I know I like to call it male multi tasking, don’t laugh please, at least not as loud as my wife did when I said that. What I do during the day is write down things as I think of them either on the phone or on a scrap of paper. If I see something that is related to marketing in the daily newspaper I write it down, if I see something on the news that’s interesting I do the same.

On an average day I usually have about 6 or 8 headings that I think I can use in combination to write an article. Also as I subscribe to many internet marketing blogs and I am on a lot of lists and I have set up a different email address so that I receive them in the one place. If I cant get an article out of all the emails I get every day there is definitely something wrong.

On the other hand I may have a few hours to myself which is a rarity and I will write 2 or 3 posts and only publish one of them and keep the others for later that week. Lets be honest here if you see someone has updated there blog with 3 posts you like me probably wont get around to reading them all in one sitting and put them on the long finger. Its better to publish them in a few days and it also takes the pressure of you to write fresh content.articles writing

At the start of my blogging I found it harder to write articles for 2 reasons, the first was I didn’t know my audience and secondly I was afraid of negative feedback. The only way you will get to know your audience is by producing content that they enjoy and by being yourself and by being honest. If some of your readers do not like your style don’t change it for the few, stick with your style as there are so many potential readers out there that are of a similar mindset as you and its only a matter of time before they find you.

Its great when people leave comments on your blog but its also very necessary that you reply to these comments as feedback from a reader is a confidence booster and also a guide to the value of your post, its also a great way to meet more people in your niche that could be future business partners.

I hope you enjoyed my slant on things when it comes to article writing and if you could leave a comment or share on the social networks I would greatly appreciate it, many thanks

Over the next few days I have planned to write an article on how to keep producing killer content that will get your readers begging for more.

Dave Ball.


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  1. Hi Dave

    A great article with some good ideas. I really like the layout of your blog what theme is it? Also where do you get your graphics, they look very smooth.



    • Hi Gordon , I bought a graphics package in the Warrior forum some time back. The them is called interpridy, there is a link down the bottom of the home page. I am in the process of changing themes and have just to proof the new design, thanks for your comments, you should link your blog through comment luv and it will show your last post, handy way to get a back link, Dave

  2. Hi Dave,

    I’m sure Peppa Pig could give you a few ideas. When my kids were younger Peppa held legendary status, it was a must watch!!!

    Joking apart, if your day is busy it’s always good to jot down any ideas you have as you think of them. Great ideas can come to you at anytime and you don’t want to forget them.

    It’s interesting when you mention about writing for your audience.

    I’m getting a stronger feel for this through my blog but it’s taken five months to start understanding what works and what doesn’t work.

    That’s where the comments come into play but you only really get to this point after some time, letting your experience build up as you go.

    Look forward to the next article Dave.

    Dean Thompson recently posted..Celebrating with a Sulking DogMy Profile

    • Peppa pig rules the roast here.
      Great if you put up a few tips here dean for the readers on what you find is working, if you like a guest post all linking back to your site and blog.
      I have a pack of post its in my back pocket just inn case for these moments of inspiration,
      Thanks again Dean

  3. That’s exactly the way to go Dave. Keep doing what you are doing. IM is a science, but it is also an art. It is a science in the sense that it is a numbers game and an art in getting to know what people want and crafting your product to fill that need. Sometimes it takes longer to find the mother lode, but those who hang in will eventually do so.

  4. Hi Dave,

    Nice article. I sometimes find it difficult to come up with ideas for blog posts so its great when people comment and ask questions.
    Is there any reason why you are changing your theme? I have been considering this for a while as mine is a few years old and looks a bit dated. How much notice do you think readers take of a theme? Isn’t the content the important part? I would be interested to here what conclusions you come to after changing your theme.
    Roger Weavers recently posted..10 Things NOT To Do When Optimising Your WebsiteMy Profile

    • Hi Rodger thanks for your comments. The reason I am changing the theme is to make it unique and your bang on the money content is king but the theme I am using is a free one and I would like the features tailored to my needs and requirements.
      I found A great guy who is doing a custom site for about $100 . The other problem with free themes is that I have also seen this theme used a few times and I am trying to give a unique experience to my readers in both content and feel so they will recognize my site and branding.
      I will let you know when I am making the switch and my experiences , many thanks Rodger, Dave

  5. Hey Dave,

    Great post!

    What do you think about video?
    I don’t mind writing but sometimes it takes a lot out of you to focus on writing a great blog post.
    But I find it a lot easier to write down a few key points about a topic I’m interested in & just creating a video.

    I also think it’s easier nowadays for visitors to digest video as compared to reading the entire post
    Phil recently posted..Reverse Engineer Your Way to Internet Marketing SuccessMy Profile

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