How to stay focused in 2013

Hi all,

I am just rreading a very interesting book called The six figure Second Income written by two guys called David Lindahl and Jonathon Rozek and I would like to share my thoughts on how it can be a very positive experience whilst creating a new product.

Six figure second income

This excellent book is about generating a second income online and I cant believe I am only reading it now, I got  kindle for Chrismas and have being buying up the kindle store with optimistic and Business books for the new year. I am half way through it and have to say its a very enjoyable read.  I intend to write a full review when complete but there is a great chapter called ” The Typical Dream is Useless” .

The Chapter has a major stumbling block that I think a lot of internet marketers have when creating a new product or their very first one . One of the myths that is talked about is “ I must reach Millions of People” , which I expect is what a lot of people starting out like feel. David goes onto explain that in fact you only have to reach hundreds or perhaps a few thousand people  Worldwide to make a second income or to replace an income.

Its the likes of Proctor and Gamble that need to reach the masses to make their new toothpaste a success. Its an important point , as some of us get led astray thinking we need to sell by the million to make any kind of money. If we look at the gurus though they usually have a very successful sales funnel in which they will sell a cheap front end product backed up by up sells and one time offers and also it is a fact that if someone buys from you there is a much greater chance that will do so in the future if you build up a relationship with that person and give them value for their hard earned money and over deliver.

Another important point I took from this chapter is another point that was raised “ I need to Invent Something Revolutionary”  and David and Jonathon explain that this is not the point, think of the last 10 or so products that you bought, in my case its mostly eBooks, a Kindle , some new software and Newspapers which is I wonder coincidental considering that I am marketing information products in the Internet Marketing Niche. By not re inventing the wheel you can be just as successful , just because a niche is Hot right now means that there is a demand for that type of product, there may be heavy competition but your not looking for the whole cake , just a tiny piece will do as there are many Millions looking for information products.

Information Products are Hot and will be for the foreseeable future, People in general want to know more on a certain subject, they want to better themselves, they want success and many want to make money online. I recently read a post by John Thornhill about  the things he will be focusing on in 2013 and the post is here for all to see . Johns  top 5 thing to stay focused on are

  • Product creation
  • List Building
  • Sales Funnels
  • Relationships
  • Learning

As you can see John Thornhill is a very successful Internet marketer and has been at the top of his game for a long time by creating products  that people want and building the relationships with his customers but what strikes me about his post is that even though he is at the top of his game he is vowing to continue to learn about Niche as it is ever changing. John himself has always over delivered and his reputation online is one based on honesty, trust and a huge data base of knowledge in his niche.

This backs up my point in that everyone is learning and buying material so they can either pass on or use themselves, we live in the information age so give the people what they want, INFORMATION PRODUCTS .

Information products are far easier to create than  physical ones and it is more rewarding when you realize that you can help people resolve the problems they are encountering. Whilst building a physical product needs employees , a factory, insurance, shipping etc the list is endless.

So in the knowledge that I am buying information products and that there is an endless supply of customers out there for the taking as long as you can offer them a product that they are looking for and offer value .Although internet marketing is a highly competitive niche we are only looking for a small slice of the cake. Don’t forget there are people waking up everyday and for the first time looking for information products in our niche.

So here is  to a successful , fruitful, prosperous 2013 and to building relationships with our customers and potential Joint venture Partners

Dave ball, Please leave a comment , I would love to know your thoughts.




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  1. Hi Dave, great post mate and very informative, I’ve just checked out the book you mention on Amazon and think I will purchase it myself, sounds good. I like the bit about not having to hit millions of people to make a second income, if you think about it you only need about 40 people on a $27 per month membership to earn just over $1000 per month and that can soon be up scaled. Also you’re spot on when you talk about building a relationship with your customers and product creation and those are the two areas I intend to concentrate on in 2013, keep up the good work mate and look forward to your next review
    Terry Weatherill recently posted..Day 31 – Final Day…Wow I’ve Made It 🙂My Profile

    • Thanks Terry, thanks for your kind comment, Its a great book well worth the time it takes to get through it. Now lets find a hundred people to join our membership sites.
      Cheers Terry

  2. Dave, you’re on the money as always 🙂 I’ve just started working on my first info product and have been through those thought processes as well. I actually stopped a product a couple of months ago as a similar (and in my head better) product came out a week or so after I started working on it. Talk about having to get over myself! I’ve since reprogrammed myself along the ways you have mentioned. Dang! I could’ve done with this book earlier.
    Great post thanks

  3. Hi Dave,

    Good post mate. I created one product last year. Although I was happy enough some were critical and some were good comments. More good comments, so how come you always think about the negative ones. Don’t get me wrong it wouldn’t win a book of the Year contest…lol.

    I had a lot of problems with domain names and images. I was being told that the domain name wouldn’t go down well with ebay…had ‘ebay’ in the domain. Ok now I just put an optin on my blog and won’t renew the domain when it expires.

    I’m finishing off things I promised I would and for 2013 going to focus more thanIdid last year and no shiny objects. I spent a lot last year and don’t intend to buy any this year. Going to try video for the first time. I downloaded free software which is good for a freebie.

    Good luck for this year and to all of your followers.

    Kind Regards


    P.S. Apologies for no gravatar. Won’t go there today. Think I’ve sussed the problem. In fact I’m positive.
    Donald recently posted..Happy & Prosperous New YearMy Profile

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