How to make money online Part 1

If you would like to make some money online but do not want the hassle of building a website or becoming an affiliate.
One method is flipping domains.

Buying domains that are expired or due to be expired from go daddy is an excellent starting point.
A great way to get started is to do a Google search in the Google keyword planner.
Using this term “make money online”
We go into the Google keyword planner and log in using are Google details.
ScreenHunter_197 Apr. 03 11.11
Type in the term make money online and also choose keyword ideas as an added option.
Also choose keywords that generate at least 2000 searches per month and have a low to medium competition.
The list that is populated can now be downloaded to excel or a similar program.

Copy and paste all the keyword ideas without spaces into Go Daddy and hit on the bulk domains section.
Search for only the domains ending in .net/.com/.org as these are the golden nuggets of domain names.
Your results will appear with which domains are available to buy.


ScreenHunter_198 Apr. 03 11.15

The domains available are available to buy for as little as $10.

This one for example gets 9900 searches per month

ScreenHunter_199 Apr. 03 11.17

Couple of options, Create a website and sell it with a domain that gets so many searches or just sell the domain name. A great website to sell these types of domains is flippa.
I will be going into more detail on how to buy expired domains in my next short article on how to make money online.

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