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I decided a few days ago to move away from my old domain name for a couple of reasons.The main reason was that I wanted a personal blog, a blog where I can share free content with my readers and help them succeed in the make money online niche. I changed my blog name to as you can see to I wanted to have it personalized using my name because any good marketer will know that you should have one central blog a kind of hub where everything stems from.

Some of my other domain like and may be aged domains but they do not really explain who I am and what I am about. If someone did a search for Dave Ball Online before I bought the domain name I know that they would not be directed to my other domains as the keyword that are being used as high competition and extremely competitive. So now if you type into Google ” Dave Ball Online” my site should come up first.

Blog tips

This helps in many ways, for example if I am selling a product or promoting an affiliate’s product and they see Dave Ball is the seller, the first thing people will do is do a Google search for my name. If they cant find me they may hesitate in buying from a stranger, on the other hand if they do a search for me and find this website they will automatically know that I have been online for quite some time and I do write content that is related to there niche. This builds trust and helps to build a relationship with my followers .

Everyone that has a presence online should have a personal blog and you can build a list from it which you can then once trust has been built offer them value in the products that you sell.  In my opinion all personal blogs should have an opt in form on the home page, just like the one I have from aweber. People should not have to do a search for an opt in form, make it easy for your readers while they are interested in your posts to sign up to your list.

Less is more when it comes to the design of a personal blog. Leave out the flashy buttons , avoid music and keep it simple. It should be your awesome content that keeps the reader coming back and commenting and sharing your posts.

At the start you can use free themes but as you get more advanced you should consider buying a premium theme like, genesis theme, profits theme etc. Another good place to look for a premium theme is on the likes of where for a couple of gigs you can get someone to install a theme that looks professional and not like norm. There is nothing worse than having a free theme and thinking it looks absolutely fantastic only to come upon another blog using the same free theme, it definitely is off putting.

Always when blogging  write for your readers and not for search engines . One reason is that the people who read will soon find out what you are up to , if your article is spun etc, its just not worth it. Always , Always write unique content that you find interesting and you feel your readers will to . That is the main reason as why the gurus say to find a niche that your are passionate about because if you are  just in it for the money and have no interest in the subject you will struggle to find good quality content to write about on a long term basis. I know that the Golfing niche is a very profitable niche and I did own a golfing blog at one stage and I ended up using automated content as I ran out of ideas on what to write about as I did not have the first idea on how to golf , the ethics or the sport as a whole. Needless to say that blog is no longer active.

Always do a spell check when you have  completed a post and ask someone else to do a quick proof read of it to be sure and only then should you publish it.

How to Write an article

Blogging is about interacting with people about socializing and most of the people who are looking through blogs are looking for premium free content. That is not to say that you cant link in products that you are talking about or ones that you feel will help solve the readers problems but just don’t over do it as people are resilient to Bull .

Now a lot of blogs have adsence ads on them and I have nothing against them but I do not use them. I believe if you are giving free content and you want your reader to be concentrating on your post rather than an image ad or text ad. The more distractions there are for your reader the greater the chance of them clicking on an advert and going away from your site. So my opinion is if you are going to advertise anything make it either your product or an affiliates product and one that is relevant to your post.

Hope you enjoyed the post and I would love if you could leave a comment below and add in your opinion, I am using comment luv so if you have a blog you will be able to link in your last post if you put the URL in, many thanks and I hope you can share this info if you found it helpful.

Dave Ball


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  1. Thanks Dave, another great blog as usual 🙂
    One small point, if you are going to mention getting a blog proof-read ensure you do as well. You may have I don’t know. What I do know is that as a copywriter little things like your and you’re (“if your just in it for the money…”) tend to make my eye twitch.

    Truly it’s a minor detail in the big scheme of things.

    As always I enjoy reading your posts, great job!
    Scott Stembridge recently posted..SMART Goals – the Golden Path to SuccessMy Profile

  2. Hi Scott, many thanks for spotting that one, seems a bit hypocritical of me after writing about it. I have changed that typo and I do thank you for spotting it. I write as if I was talking sometimes and get ahead of myself and would you believe I asked someone to proof read it as well as I do agree you get blinded by your own writing.

    How long are you a copywriter and how is that going for you
    Dave Ball recently posted..How To Blog And Why To Have A Personal BlogMy Profile

  3. Hi Dave, I did like your post. As you say its far better (and in my view more honest) to write about a subject you are interested in.

    In particular the point about ad sense. that also goes for blanked advertising where its clear the website is just there to attract visitors with a view to gaining revenue from advertising.

    While I agree that distractions are not always god for the reader if you want your good info to be read I think there is a place for passing on info about product you’ve found useful and are happy to recommend.

    Looking around your blog I think its all put together well – I like the theme – but not too sure about the header graphic (just my view) Otherwise it all looks good to me!

    • Thanks Mathew glad you like the post , your right about the header , its something I put together just to have something and I will go back to plain writing until my design is totally finished, I am having the site totally upgraded. Hows your own business going , are you getting much traffic?

  4. Hi Dave,

    As I get to see a deeper part of you through your writing, I am totally enjoying the person I see emerging.

    It’s quite fascinating to me, almost like when a butterfly makes a cocoon and then morphs into a glorious butterfly!!

    Ouch that sounds corny, but somehow I can’t explain it any other way.

    I have just enjoyed this blog post and do so agree with you.
    I hate going to sites and realizing I have seen almost the same words on another site just recently. That really turns me off that particular writer.

    I understand what you are saying about prooof-reading too. So many don’t seem to care. However I appreciate something that has been carefully put together so it not only looks right but sounds right!!

    Thank you Dave. Much appreciated.


    PS. I was rather shocked after reading your blog. I went into google to find out how my name would come up.
    It didn’t come up immediately. They brought up one called Danielle Rutherford. So I hiked back to google search and put in my name again, and yes, this time it appeared. However, it was somewhat of a shock to find it came up as someone else for starters. 🙂
    Danella Rutherford recently posted..Beautiful Shoes for Beautiful Feet.My Profile

    • Hi Danella ,
      Many thanks for your kind words, I appreciate that you also appreciate the fact that I am writing for people and not for search engines.
      Funny I am competing with an English Musician on Google , but if you type in Dave Ball online I am first.
      Its all worthwhile the hours I put in to producing these regular posts that people appreciate them and more importantly enjoy them, Hope you have a lovely Xmas, I cant wait myself, my 5 year old twins are so excited as are we.
      Heres to a great and prosperous 2013,
      Merry Xmas

  5. Hi Dave
    I found your blog through John Thornhill’s group on Facebook 🙂
    I like a clean look to a blog if it is too fussy with lots of ads etc then I think it confuses people. I do like your theme and as I am searching for a new theme myself I am going to check the site out (hope you don’t mind lol)
    I think building a relationship with your readers is a must, they will keep coming back for more (if you give them good content) and will trust you.
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a great week
    Pauline recently posted..Forum MarketingMy Profile

    • Hi Pauline thanks for your comments. If you have a look at the very bottom of my home page you will find a link to the theme I have , it’s free and comes in 4 colours . Let me know if I can advice you in any way , Dave

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