How do you create a blog

How do you start a blog 

Hi all, OK so we have moved on a little from the Google keyword tool and micro niches.
So we have what our site or blog will be about and we have chosen a domain around the keyword that  is getting over 1500local searches a month.Now is the fun part , creating a blog.
I discussed using an exact match domain like this one we found that was available “weightlossforhteoverforties”, I also suggest using a phrase search on the keyword tool this will help a lot if you would like to find a long tail keyword domain in other words this will be a phrase that people are typing into Google to find an answer.
If for example you wished to do a local marketing campaign like say which you can see is available to buy and its domain.It is hard to believe that these domain names are available and it just proves that there is still a lot of money to be made for the likes of local Internet marketing.

domain name

So lets just say that you have bought your domain name and also set up FTP , you can now install WordPress onto your site, simple and takes about 5/10 minutes. If anyone would like to know more info on how to do this please let me know and I will forward you a free eBook on Word Press tutorials.

Starting a blog

So here we are and we have a standard default blog, now its time to find a suitable theme. So you would now go to the appearance in the dashboard and click on themes.There are hundreds to choose from but try and choose something simple and not to bling. I rather like the woo themes, here IS  the link ,

There are free and paid for themes, I find that some of the free ones are just as good as the paid ones. One or two that I like are the sonar theme and also serendipity.The choice is all yours but what is more important is the unique content you will be putting online
and also the plugins and how you utilize them.

So before you start writing any content we have to get the groundwork out of the way. In other words, getting the plugins installed and set up and creating the correct pages that Google will be looking for.

So the pages you will need is your home page where you will be writing your posts, a compensation disclosure page, a privacy page, an about us page and a contact page. Have a look at mine and you are more than welcome in copy and pasting whats in there as there pity general. Don’t forget to take out my link unless of course you wanna give me some free back links.

On your dashboard you can see to the left where you can do this, add a page , add a post so We have our pages completed so lets talk about the plugins and I have them listed below.

Best WordPress plugins


1/ Google XML sitemaps :

This is a must must have and will help you in getting your blog indexed.

2/ W3 total cache :

This will improve how your load time for each page.

3/ All in one SEO PACK :

This is a no brainer , it does what it says on the tin.
It helps greatly in ranking and also keywords for titles , Heading and tags.

4/ Contact Form 7 :

Easy to use Contact form so your clients can keep in touch.

5/ Adsence :

Quick Adsence, easy to use for Google adsence campaigns.

6/Google Plus widget

Helps with people connecting with you via Google plus

7/ Click bank Plugin

If you would like to advertise an affiliate offer with clickbank

8/ Like button for Facebook

No need to explain this one

9/ WP Robots TXT :

Great for the search bots

10/ Comment luv :

Great for visitors leaving comments.

11/ Jamie’s Social plug ins:

They easy to use and great to look at.

Now there are tons of plugins that you can use but this is a good grounding for SEO and will help you a huge amount in ranking your blog or site.

WordPress plugin settings

You have created  your blog so what next. There a few things that you need to do .Go to the bottom of the dashboard and work your way up as most of the setting will be going in that direction. You can go straight to the settings button and start with the site title, your tag line, your WordPress URL and your Email address etc . You will be able to choose what timezone you want to be in , date format etc.
This is pretty much straight forward.

One trick for some great SEO is under the writing tab within setting and if you scroll down to update services, here is the gem you only have one service as the default where once you update or publish a post it will notify the search engines but what most do not know is that you can add in ping services here, I have a list of about 80 urls  that I use here so that every time I make a post it gets pinged to these feeds or pings and gets a higher seo ranking. If anyone is interested I can send you on this Ping list free of charge, just send me an email and I will forward it to you.

To be honest I could write a long eBook on all the settings in word press but I just want to tell you some of the main ones and the ones that you can not afford to miss.

Another important setting is the privacy setting, please please ensure that you have your privacy setting so that it is visible to the search engines, its a simple radio box and most times it is set as I have said but on the rare occasion that its not all your hard work will be wasted .

Another one is the permalink settings, my suggestion is that you use the post name setting , like this post you are reading it will be the default would be something ugly like this www.internetmarketingbonus/8489898755, not nice I am sure you will agree. The search engines not only look for keywords within the content they also look for titles and tags. So “create a blog” is a highly searched term and that is why the title is called that and also the H1tag.

The all in one SEO plugin as discussed earlier has been installed, ensure that it is active and have a look at the settings menu under the same heading, fill in your keywords that you want to rank your site for , you can use Google keyword tool for this, by way of doing a search for what your website is about eg, weight loss, get fit etc and find some keywords with low to medium competition. These will be your keywords for the all in one SEO pack, also take note of other keywords that you may be able to use for headings for articles.

These are the main setting of a basic blog, stick with the basics for the time being and we have a good grounding for SEO.

Any questions please leave a comment, join our newsletter or please like us on face book.

Here is a great into to word press video I found for you.



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