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Today I am talking about how I chose domain names like and how simple it is to find what is available to buy . What better tool than a Google keyword tool as if they don’t know its aint worth knowing.There is so much talk about choosing a domain name that it’s nearly verging on the silly.

With all the Google updates, panda ,etc you would think that exact matches for domains are getting squashed in Google but you would be wrong.

If you have an exact match domain eg ,if you look in the Google adwords keyword tool is telling us its getting approx 8000 searches a month. If you do not have unique content within a site or have not optimized the site to its full potential you will probably have lost rank after the updates or never had ranking in the first place. On the other hand if you have content that is relevant to the domain keyword and have optimized your site you will be up there with the best of them.

I usually choose exact matches for domains and this is how I do it in simple steps.

• I go to the Google keyword tool,

• I then choose a keyword that is relevant to the market or niche that I am looking for so in the example its going to be the weight loss niche.

• Type the words weight loss into the search area in the keyword tool page

• On the left hand side of the page choose exact match

• On the Locations tab I then click on United States as this is the market I am attempting to capture.

• Then I expand the advanced search area and choose > 2000, which is greater than 2000 searches per month as I feel it may not be worth it for anything less.

• I also highlight the Keyword ideas tab so I can get what Google thinks are good ideas and press search and it automatically comes up with the finding I need.

• Now as you can see by the image above there are 98 keyword ideas that I can download into a CSV file, so click on the download button and choose either excel or whatever program you use to get the equivalent.

• Once you have your CSV file open you will then have to replace the “and the [ and also any spaces that are in between words. You can do this by going to the find and replace tab, so you would find “and leave the replace with area blank and so and so forth until you can highlight all the keywords that you require.

• Next I then go to and click on Bulk domain search and check the .com , the .net and the .org as these are the only extensions that I find have any way of ranking on a large scale.

• Paste  the domains into the area and do a search for available domains, see image below .


As you can see from the image below we have 3 available domains that we can register, at the time of writing this they were still available to purchase.

Weighloss domainYour are more than welcome to buy them, but let us know by leaving a comment here so that others wont do the search.

I now go back to the Google keyword tool and find out how many searches there were for each domain available which is the following. : 4400 global searches and 2200local searches and it also has low completion which is ideal for us. : 4400 global searches and 3600 local searches and it also has low completion which is ideal for us. : 2900 global searches and 2400 local searches but this has high completion which is a lot harder to rank for so I would leave this one alone for now.


Within 10 minutes we have a high searched, exact matched domain that would be ideal for either a CPA offer or a diet program that is endorsed by either party. I hope this helped you , it’s easy to find available domains in any niche you just need the simple steps to do so. Please like this post on Facebook and share it with your friends.

Many thanks Dave Ball

Day 3 will be setting up the blog and which plugins to use, please leave a few comments to keep me going.

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