Finding a niche website idea

Finding a niche website idea  

Today I would like to start talking about how to Find a niche website idea.
There are hundreds if not thousands of niches you can choose from but the ones that seem to work on the Internet can be summed up to Wealth, Health and Lifestyle.
You can then choose a sub niche like lets say were still using the weight loss niche, as this is such a huge niche with a very high level of competition we would like to go down a level or two to sub niches. For example what about the niche ” weight loss for the over forties”.
Would you believe the domain is available and can be bought from as little as $8 for the year.

Weight loss for the over forties
weight loss, over 40s


One tip I would say is to buy a domain for 2 years instead of one , it sends a message to Google that you are here for the long run and not just the quick cash.

When choosing a niche try and find one that you have a lot of interested in, some say you have to be passionate about the sector but I do think that’s a bit strong.

Don’t forget that you will be creating content for this niche and its a hell of a lot easier to write about something you are interested in and if not it will not be long before you get bored and putting things on the long finger when you are trying to write about content you have very little interest in.

For example you could do a brain storm cause and effect diagram starting with the niche you are thinking of developing, so you would have the niche weight loss as the main heading and ideas on what you could write about branching off them, like first steps , getting prepared to lose weight, tips on feeling positive when things get tough, losing your first 5 pounds, what to do when you have reached your dream weight etc.

If you find it hard to write articles about a niche you could always outsource them to the likes of odesk, fiverr etc so you would just have to edit them a little and paste them in your blog but ensure that they are unique and have not been spun before and you are just getting genuine articles. Ask for examples and look for feedback from previous buyers.

In my own opinion I like to write about 500/ 700 word articles and do not stuff them with keywords, do have a look using the keyword tool to see what is also ranking high in the searches that has more than say 5000 searches with medium / low competition and take note of these as these can be your keywords within the article or could be used as article headings or ideas.

Niches ideas  are everywhere try writing down a few ideas of what you enjoy doing, golf, having fun with the kids, car maintenance, walking, the list goes on.Stay away from the general niches and try to delve deeper into the sub niches, like this blog is basically how to make money from the internet for newbies.

If anyone has any comments or is stuck for ideas please leave a comment and I will get back to you and we can bash a few ideas around.


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