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Hi all, I would just like to tell you about a WordPress plugin I installed this evening that I think is rather cool and whats more its free.

Its called Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox and you can get it free from this link or do a search within your WP dashboard,


It enables you to be able to install a light box face book pop up to your WordPress page. You can edit it very easily and it takes about 3 minutes to set up.

There is an extremely easy YouTube video to accompany you through the install. Here are some of the main features.


  •     Facebook page is needed
  •     Display the facebook lightbox onload with or without a delay
  •     Limit the lightbox to once every x days per individual visitors
  •     Promote your own facebook fanpage
  •     No api key needed (works with iframe, premium version uses xfbml and requires api key)


I still have my lightbox pop up from aweber installed on the page load but have it delayed for a further 20 seconds as I believe people will click on a like button within thinking to much about it and it will help to build a relationship with my facebook fans.

I just thought I would share with you what I think is a great plugin and maybe you can come visit my page www.daveballonline.com and tell me your thoughts on it,

To all our success in the future

Dave ball

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