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wordpress pluginsHow often have you heard that you must give value when creating a product?. Your customer expects it and sometimes its hard to find a suitable bonus especially if you are just starting out.

So how do we offer value.?

Adding bonuses is nearly an expectation from our customers and not having them will surely tempt them to buy from affiliates who are also selling our products. So its vital that we can offer the best bonuses that we can.

If you are a newbie and feel that you do not have the expertise or time to write another eBook there are a few options for you.

Not many people believe that by offering a service to a customer would be a great bonus. You would be wrong. If customers have the confidence to buy a product from you they treat you as the expert in this field you have the authority in this niche.

What Do I mean by services:

You could offer your new customer a bi weekly Skype call to help them to take action and also to get them out of the sand box if they are experiencing problems. You may think this is going to take up an awful lot of my time but the reality is that only about 10% of the people who will buy from your link will actually take you up on this type of bonus. Its just the thought that they can arrange a conversation with you to ease their burden and to help them through , that is the tipping point.

Another great way of offering a great value bonus is to hold a monthly webinar with all new customers . This is less time consuming as you can get all your readers in the one place at the same time. If your thinking I don’t have the confidence to do this think again as you can pre arrange your readers to email you with their questions so you can have a general theme to the webinar. This also secures in peoples minds that if they think that you can answer a question that has been on their mind during a webinar surely they will attend. Webinars are also great ways to promote other products and you can explain in greater detail about what you are up to , how you are doing thing and what products you recommend using affiliate links. Don’t think you have to be on screen either, the majority of webinars I attend are where the host is talking and on screen you can see a PowerPoint presentation which is why having a list of possible questions from your audience beforehand is important so you can organize the slides accordingly.

If you are good at creating graphics or logos offer your expertize up to create your customers logo or header. A simple an easy item to create if you feel comfortable with using graphics.

Sales letters are always a little difficult when starting out. As a bonus perhaps say that you will proof read their sales letter and also make suggests to improve the conversion rate. If you are really hot in this area you could have it as a one bonus only site  and offer to create their sales page copy.


Lastly if you have been blogging for a while or if you have quite a lot of your own content in your blog you can always create an eBook from your blog posts and this can be done quite easily and within minutes if you are using word-press. There is a plug-in called Antholigize and can be found at the following link

This small but powerful plug-in will create a PDF or what ever format it is that you are looking for. Once you have decided on what posts you would like to use you can start creating parts or chapters to your book.You can then drag and drop which parts you would into your new book. It really is that easy.ScreenHunter_14 Feb. 19 18.32

Any images that are in the posts will automatically be reproduced into the eBook you are creating. Once your finished editing , Authologize will create a table of contents for you and that is your eBook complete. You can covert it a PDF of ePub for kindle. This is a great way of using what you have already posted about and recycling it. If anyone is an avid reader of your blog they will want a copy and it is also a great offer for a squeeze page.


I do hope that you found this post helpful and I would appreciate if you could share this and make a comment.

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  1. Adding value by offering a service like you suggest ‘a bi weekly skype call’ must be one of the easiest, cheapest and probably the most effective way to connect with one of your subscribers. I guess there will be a tipping point where it is no longer practical for you to do so (as you have too many subscribers to offer this service to and would end up doing them a dis-service by not having enough time to spend with them) and you would naturally progress to holding webinars where you can service your subscribers en masse.
    Ian Armstrong recently posted..Top 5 Ways to Get Free TrafficMy Profile

  2. Hey Dave…
    Great stuff, man! I am finally back on the scene. On area that so many marketers forget is Customer Service. Being able to give quality not only lies in the product but also, and most importantly, is the follow-up. We must make sure that our customers are happy and comfortable with what we provide. A great plug-in. I am going to look into it. I am currently putting together my 1st original eBook. It will come in handy.

  3. Dave,

    Great post. A client of mine once said, it’s not the initial sale that makes someone your customer, it’s what you do AFTER that counts. Lots of great ideas on how to do that here.

    I’m just trying to get an actual tangible product out the door so I can start building up on these things you mention

    Keep up the good work!
    Phil recently posted..What Are You Waiting For?My Profile

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