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How to write an article ?

I struggled trying to write an article for months, I thought I had to be an expert copywriter for people to take me seriously …. I was wrong, with these tips and tricks you will be able to write naturally and offer your audience a solution to their problems.

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Writing an article is as simple as having a discussion with someone and this is key.

For the sake of time saving and space I will be referring to the Google search engine only in this article, the same applies for Yahoo ,Bing and You tube.

Google wants quality content that is unique, the reason being is that Google wants to give its users that same unique content , it want to give the people who search what they want.

Here are some ideas on Content curation ideas

  • Look in forums for questions that people are asking and look at the replies, are there many ?, could you improve on this, could you combine these answers and re write the perfect answer and when you have the article written go back to the forum and suggest that people look at what you have written as this solves the problem. You could also start a new thread and ask the question ” What are the top 3 things that you think hold you back , in example …losing weight, gaining confidence, etc and reply when you get feedback with a link back to your blog.
  • Go to Yahoo answers, find out what people are asking questions about, write them down and create either a blog post or report on the top 10 things people want.
  • Do a Google search for the phrase or term you will be writing about and then click more tools and related search which means that the same audience is also looking for xyz but that it is related to your initial search term.

You want the reader to understand that you feel their pain, you know what there going through, you know what is holding them back and you also know how to solve the problem and that this article will help them accomplish that.

With all the Google updates this year it is paramount that article spinners and article auto bloggers should not be used. Google’s new algorithms can now find articles that have been scraped and spun and not only will your article suffer but also your websites ranking will be kicked into the sand box indefinitely. What that means to the majority of us is that well written articles with the appropriate keywords and images will be rewarded for the work we have pt into researching and producing a decent article.How to Write an article

If you are outsourcing your article creation make sure that its unique you can check its uniqueness by using a program called . This company can do a full search of your site to see if you have any copyright material. They also have another service which costs about 5 cents a search which will look at any article you paste in, to see how unique it actually is.

Don’t stuff your article with keywords, Google does not appreciate it . You can use similar words to your keywords semantically and this can also be done using the keyword tool to find related keyword ideas.

Move your reader from point to point naturally, so that will want to read that next paragraph.


Don’t forget each article you post will have a separate URL and will get indexed accordingly so be choosy when picking a title. I go to Google keyword tool and do a search on different titles to see what has low competition and a high search rate. The image below shows that my title gets  14,800 local searches in the United states per month and has low competition.

The title should be the attention grabber, it should make the reader want to read the article , it could be a how to ? why does ? etc a call to action to get the reader hooked.The H2 tag also know as the heading 2 tag is also very important as Google will see this as your next best keyword so its important to use a similar title in the opening of the article.

In this post the title is called ” How to Create an article” and as you can see that term gets 14,800 local searches within the United states per month and has low competition, this is how to use the title tag to your advantage.

When your starting your article , explain to your audience how this article will benefit them, state the problem and try to solve the problem like this …. I struggled trying to write an article for months, I thought I had to be an expert copywriter for people to take me seriously …. I was wrong, with these tips and tricks you will be able to write naturally and offer your audience a solution to their problems.

When your writing try not and over use keywords so if you are writing an article about 700 words try and keep your main keyword down to about 3/5%, so about 3 times, do not over do it and stuff keywords into your article as Google will punish you. You can also use words and phrases semantically, in other words use different words to describe what you are talking about.

You are writing for people and not for Google, try to remember this. If people understand what you are trying to say and make comments or share your article with the social networks , you are accomplishing what your have set out to do and Google will reward your site .

For images make sure you fill in the title which should be the same as your article title. Your alt tag  should be what the actual image is and your description should be a short synopsis of what the article is about, you would be surprised  at how many images come up when people do a search for a particular term.

Although I said that writing an article should read naturally it is also worth pointing out that you should also treat it like a mini sales letter, have a call to action , use social plugins like Facebook , linked in , twitter to give people the choice to share your article. I also use comment luv plugin which is a very easy way for your audience to leave a message or reply about the article.

When your finishing up an article you could finish with a question, ask them to share it .

When you have your article written , go back and add in the images and preview where they look best, highlight keywords either in bold italics or both, this helps Google find they words you think are relevant to what you have written.

If you would like me to review any articles you have written please let me know and we can do a Skype chat.

I would appreciate if you found this article helpful to either share or leave a comment.

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