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Hi all , I hope you had a great Christmas and I would like to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I hope you like my latest post and I would love some feedback if possible.

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Writing Content is the key to success in the Online Marketing Niche, without content nobody knows your message . This is why the likes the WordPress platform is such a success as it enables the blogger to update their blog as often as they like and without the need for additional expertize, your the webmaster and in Control.

My advice would be to Blog at least once a week and also to have backup content on the ready  or pre written content to hand. So where do I get my content ideas.

So lets get right down to it here is my top ten Killer Content Ideas.

Controversial post  : What I mean by this is that everyone loves a bit of controversy and it generates a lot of comments. If you are the IM Niche there are plenty of place to pick up news in your niche like forums, newsletters and Blogs.
The list post :   Google love these type of posts , like  “The top three web traffic tips” , ” 5 ways to increase your list”.

Biggest mistakes post : Speaks for itself really but something on the lines of ” Top mistakes Marketers make when starting out ” is a popular one. People want to learn from others mistakes and being totally honest with your mistakes builds trust and followers and people will want to interact with you by leaving comments.

Review posts:  I find this a great way to get traffic to my blog and make a few sales and its also a neat way to write a post as its your own opinion on a product or service. What I find is that people are not willing to comment as much as they are in my other posts, that’s my experience to date. Being smart with your Title in a review post can get you a lot of traffic so take time to consider the title as like with any other title its like a min URL that Google is searching for.

Hold a Competition post : Great way to gain following and interaction with your readers but do make sure you have a prize to give. The best reply to your post wins $20 Pay Pal or access to a preview of how you create your product.

Personal post: We are not talking about the problems you had with cutting your Grannies Toe Nails but by being totally honest with your readers is a great way to build rapport and trust, stuff like ” How often do you think I should Blog” or ” I am looking for advice on what you think I could improve on my blog”

Personal challenge post : Set yourself targets and goals on where you wanna be in 6 months and what you have to do in order to succeed and ask for encouragement from others and you will be surprised on how many people will interact with you.

News post : Is there something happening in your niche that you could talk about. Something you know others may be interested in, maybe its a new product or service. Do some research into and post your findings.

Book review post :  Have you read a book recently that you enjoyed and its part of your niche or that you can link it to your niche. You could also go one step further and place links from Amazon promoting the book.

Inspiration post : Who do find that has inspired you of late, can you recommend a blog that you have followed and got great advice from and it really worked out well for you, if so post about it and get others to interact with you and get there opinions.

Hope this gives a little insight into how I come up with Content ideas, I am in the middle of a new post about choosing a title for your blog post so till next time , Dave Ball

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Great tips, all of them. I think your opening statement about Content being the key to success and blogging once a week with backup content ready to go is probably the most important tip and absolutely necessary to any new blogs success.

    It’s OK to miss a time or two when your blog has reached authority status but until then you have to keep you’re readers engaged with fresh and new content otherwise what readers you have will not give you the support you need to advance your blogging or marketing to the next level. Great post!


    Bart Nash
    The IM Journal

    • Hi Bart thanks for the positive post , agree with you in full about missing the odd one or two or even doing it once a month when your status has authority, Would it be ok with you if I added your blog to my list of cool blogs to follow, Happy New year Bart

  2. Hi Dave,

    A great post to give ideas to those who may be struggling with their posts.

    I always think a few pointers like this you’ve written here are a great kick start for people.

    They see all the different possibilities and ideas come flooding to them (or should do) and they find they have ideas for their next handful of posts.

    Let’s hope people take note of your advice Dave, otherwise there’s going to be some bare blogs this New Year.

    Here’s to your success in 2013.

    Dean Thompson recently posted..Celebrating with a Sulking DogMy Profile

  3. Hey Dave:

    I have to say that this is one of the most useful ideas I could have ever read in a blog, I mean, writing a post about content ideas is something very genuine from your part. I really like this blog post of yours. Well done!!

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