Buying a Dropped Domain With Go daddy Auctions

Its been a while guys.

I have been creating a great product called Simple Product solution’s which I will be giving away free to anyone that subscribes to my newsletter.So its great to be back in the driving seat and I have been kept busy for the last 2 month mostly learning and writing.

If I am honest a little procrastination was involved when it came to writing on my blog so for that I apologize.

What I want to talk about today is buying a domain name in go daddy auctions and how best to succeed in doing so.

Exact match domains still work to a certain extent as Google always wants to place the searcher with relevant  content but they have made it a little less important than before so I have been buying up domain in the last couple of months with the view to selling them on as a profit. That may well come in the form of flipping a website with a high value domain or selling the domain on its own.

So if you look below at the figures this is what you need in a good value domain name.

Page Rank –   3 plus
Domain age    -2years plus
Domain authority    20 plus
Page Authority       20 plus
External  Back links    over 130 plus
Referring Domain    over 30 plus

So lets start with Page rank , you need to find a domain with a PR of 3 or over and you can do this by opening a free account with So lets head over and login to expirednames.


Expired domain

Next we want to go to the very right of the webpage and click on “other domains” and finally  go daddy expired names. We will now click on the “show filter” button so we can narrow down our search.


dropped domains









So we have a new area where we need to input our criteria so we can get a high valued domain. There are 3 filters show the first is the the common filter which we are in the next is the additional filter and finally the ad-words and SEO filter. So on the common filter only show domain that are only new in the last 24 hours. Also on the common filter please check NO FAKE DOMAINS,NO UNSURE PAGE RANKS ,NO PAGE RANK -1 and this will start weeding out domains that are worthless. The page rank should also be set at 3 and above and finally click on show 200 domains per page.

OK so off to the additional filter where we click .com,org and .net as these are the only ones we require that rank well. I also set a maximum of $100 for the domain.

On the ad-words and SEO filter choose 20 for both Domain authority and Page authority.

OK so click on apply filter and watch all those worthless domains disappear and we now have domains that are really worth there weight in gold but we have a little more work to do.

So I am left in this example with 37 domains in the photo below.


Dropped domain



















Now we have to copy and paste which I know is a bit tedious but when your doing this a while the whole exercise takes about 30 minutes. Copy and paste the 1st domain in and the year it was created so any that are not over 2 years you can leave out. So in this example we will only be adding in 29 domains as the others are to new. Next add in the year beside the domain in Excel.

Dropped domains

Our next step is to go to  which is free so set up an account and login.Now copy and paste from the Domain column of  the excel file we have open and paste it into the blank are on Mozcheck.

So for the example I am going to use ones of the domains and not all of them to show you how its done. So I am choosing to pick which in Mozcheck has 34 and 39 which have been rounded up. This then qualifies as its over 20.

mozcheckSo we then go over to another free tool called majestic SEO , create your free account and login. Now we want to check to see that it has over 130 back-links and also that it has over 20 referring domains. This just means that it has a decent ratio of link per domains that are linking to it. Say if you had 55,785 back-links and only 20 referring domains its is spammy and no use to us.

So were now in majestic SEO and I see that it has got 1789 back-links from 207 referring domains which is cool and rather more than I expected so big thumbs up.

ScreenHunter_71 Aug. 10 17.36


So this is it , we have completed a successful search and found a domain that qualifies all criteria and that will add value to our website.This is a 10 year old Page rank 3 domain so you will not get it for $10 so do expect a little competition .A general rule of thumb is that for a good pr3 domain you will pay anything from $50-150 for a pr4 $100-200 and for a pr5 $200-400 and for a pr6 $300 upwards.

Dropped domains

So go to godaddy auctions and place your bid. If you want to be part of the godaddy auctions its $4.99 a year a small price to pay for getting a top domain.So type in the domain that you are looking to buy and a new window will pop up to show you where you can bid and you will also see if there has been any activity on the auction. You then place your bid like you would do so on Ebay and hope for the best. Its worth noting that the above the prices that you should expect to pay and once you place a bid its as good as your if you win as you have signed a contract with godaddy.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to pick up a good name and please feel free to share it or like it on Facebook,

many thanks Dave Ball


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