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Auto Facebook Marketing 2.0 review

We all know that Facebook marketing is a very powerful way to get people to either buy out products or like our page. The problem is it can be very expensive to do so. This is where the Auto Facebook Marketing 2.0 software comes in.

auto facebook marketer 2.0
Auto Facebook Marketer 2.0

Let me introduce Auto Facebook Marketing 2.0 from Bertus Engelbrechts. There has been plenty of softwares introduced in the last few years and I have yet to see anything as strong or as reliable as Auto Facebook Marketing 2.0. Once you download it you will understand the power that has been unleashed into your power. This is a genius piece of software that will automate everything you want to market your products or affiliate offers on Facebook. So how does it work? OK so its software based and once you download it your more or less ready to start your Facebook marketing campaign. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DEMO VIDEO

Some of the features include


  • Searching for FB users interested in your niche
  • Contact these friends who are interested in your own products
  • Search for groups and add them automatically
  • Search for FB pages related to your niche
  • Post automatically to these groups
  • Send message to these people and post on their wall all automatically.

Auto Facebook Marketing 2.0 unleashed

This can all be done on auto pilot, you can leave your laptop running all night and add thousands of friends, groups or pages. Then post to these people with your affiliate links or links to your own offer and see the money come in. Facebook marketing used to be tedious work but this is no longer the case with Auto Facebook Marketer 2.0 Its now so easy and at the click of a button and whats best about this software is that it is simple to use and also user friendly. Auto Facebook Marketer 2.0 is here to stay and there is nothing like this out there. This can be set up on proxy servers to protect yourself and your identity. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FREE DEMO VIDEO

Some extra free bonuses


  1. Auto Facebook Marketer Quick start blueprint PDF
  2. Gain lifetime access to the Facebook Marketer membership
  3. Lifetime support and updates
  4. Can be used as a multi license
  5. How to get targeted Facebook fans PDF
  6. Facebook fans stampede
  7. Free Facebook word-press plugin
  8. 30 day money back gaurentee
Auto Facebook Marketer 2.0
Auto Facebook Marketer 2.0

This is a special offer price it is usually $67 and is reduced to $20 for a limited time only. I am not sure how long so please if you want to get this Facebook marketing software act now OR forever regret it. No more Facebook adverts costing you a small fortune. With Auto Facebook Marketer 2.0 you have it all at your finger tips and nothing to lose. With the 30 day money back gaurentee if you don’t think its for you, you can always get a refund. Auto Facebook marketing 2.0 is for internet marketers of any niche and I personally love it not only for its usability but also for it jam packed features, so have a look at the demo video and grab your self a coffee and relax put the feet up a the Auto Facebook marketing 2.0 video is 20 minutes long, so please do enjoy. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DEMO VIDEO AND THE BONUS To your success and best of luck with Auto Facebook marketer 2.0

Update on Auto Facebook Marketer

Hi Guys I am writing this a few days after this review which as you can see is very positive and has my affiliate link as well. I have had some problems with the software since I started playing around with it. Although it seemed to work great and the tutorials from Bertus are great quality the software has some initial glitches. When you try to scrape Facebook profiles, that function no longer works for some reason. I have been in touch with Bertus who has yet to get back to me. His download page is temporarily out of action also so please hold off buying this software until its sorted. I will of course update you below this paragraph. I understand from Bertus that it has sold in the thousands I honestly believe he was not expecting this response and his servers are stretched. In fairness to him , he gave me the 2 otos free of charge that would cost about $60 through auto Facebook marketer, so this was much appreciated. Just want it up and running at this stage. I will update as soon as I hear something, as always an honest review Dave Ball

Update on the Update

Hi all, Problem averted , the issue I had was that the software would not scrape Facebook Profiles, after talking with support it turns out that your Facebook account has to be set to Us language and mine was set to UK. Great to get it sorted but it should have really been specified in the download instructions. There are plenty of customers who are not living in the US so at least they will be informed. In fairness to Bertus he apologized  and answered his support in a timely manner. Thanks again , great software.


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