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Hi all, I have not been posting in the last few weeks as I have been busy completing my eBook on product creation. I have finally finished and I will be posting about the struggles I had to over come in order to succeed and see it through.

In the mean time I have been studying mobile apps and why they are so important to local businesses and niche areas of the mobile market.

Never before have we been given this great opportunity to start creating apps easily and effectively. If you may recall back about 15 years ago when websites had to be hand coded there was a premium price to pay as such was the time and dedication that went into each and every site. Then cam the advent of Dreamweaver which was a platform that saved us time and was less to do with coding and more to do with dragging and dropping.

Dreamweaver came with a hefty price tag also and was not readily available for the most part unless of course you had a couple of thousand spare and the time to learn such a large program. Next came the real ” what you see is what you get ” the likes of Mr site builder, web serifs Web plus, now these programs had some real sustainability as they were inexpensive to buy and effectively they did the same as the top end Programs and this is where we are presently with the mobile apps issue today.

mobile apps

When mobile apps are spoken about you think of the young millionaires who started up by learning to code and sold there app for millions to the highest bidder much like the early stages of webdesign they could charge what they wanted.

With the advent of smart phones and the Google play store in which there are now more apps available to download for android that for the iTunes store. People are now starting to think about business apps more and more and how this can help there business flourish in an turbulent economy.

If you have ever dreamed of being a Google android developer  or creating mobile games you have come to the right page. Dont forget you can also create free android apps.

An app a few years ago could have cost anything from $10,000 to $30,00 and more and that is the main reason why local business stayed well clear of them. The Dreamweaver of mobile apps came and went  and then the more user friendly and keenly priced app builder was born and this is where the ordinary business can have an app for the price of a small website.

I have joined an app builder program called bzz apps and this is exactly what they do, they let the ordinary person create apps easily for either a nice sector or a local business and they can be created in next to no time.

A local restaurant wants to increase there business what do they do ?they create a customer loyalty coupon whereby the customer gets rewards for coming back and revisiting the shop or restaurant. This can all be done by using an mobile app and we are at the forefront of this new technology so lets take advantage of it.


So lets take a local business like a restaurant, we build them an app to show case the power of mobile . Once we showcase the app to them they will automatically think that this is out of their price range. One idea is to set up a monthly payment scheme and to take a deposit, you could charge anything from $500 to $1000 for as little work as an hour from start to finish.

Some of the powerful features of an mobile app are that the customer can reserve a table through the app, get directions, one touch calls and all this can be accomplished without the need to be connected to the mobile network. Also another great feature id the QR codes in which the customer can scan their smart phone with their waiter in order to gain loyalty points and the end result will be that the customer either gets money off or a free gift when they have completed there coupons.


There are so many advantages to having a mobile app that the local business will be begging for more, like for example the power of push notifications, in other words if you have a special offer or would just like to connect with your customer you can do so with push notifications. Recent statistics show that 93% of push notifications are read so that in itself is a huge factor.

Anyway mobile apps are in their infancy at present and are here to stay and you can get in at a very reasonable price , from $25 dollars a month to build unlimited apps, its a no brainer really. Here is the link for the app builder I am talking about, best of luck and keep me informed on how you r getting on and what apps you have created and I will also show case them here.

To your success

Dave Ball

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