Airbitage Underdog Review

Aribitage Underdog review

Good morning all , I hope you all had a good weekend.
Today I would like to review a product that I bought on Friday called Arbitage Underdog from the Warrior forum.
I have to say from the out set I was very excited as I can design graphics and webpages all in a few hours and what this piece of software does is it finds you people in the States that are looking for these services.

So I ended up buying the full Pro version which allows you search every state at the one time as well as this you can click on a gig you would like to do and choose a pre formatted template email and this will open up in a new window so you can quickly send an email to them.

So say for example you want to do a search for logo deign in Craig s List, you would enter the search term, select all cities and click on search. The search itself will take about 10 minutes and you will get the results from the newest to the oldest. So you click on the gig and see if its something you can do and if it is you send them a quick email and if you have the pro version you can do so very quickly.

Next thing is the fiverr window to the right where you type in the same search term and click on search where you can find people willing to do this for $5 so in essence you are being a broker, you find a job someone wants done and you get someone at a much cheaper price to do it.

All sounds good to me only the fact is that the wso owner has sold about 5,000 of these to date and along with the fact that there is already scores of people doing exactly what you are doing what are the real chances of getting a gig or even a reply.

For example I bought this for $27 and upgraded to pro for $37 on top and I have sent over 75 emails since Friday looking for work in the graphics are and have had 2 emails back and from those emails after I have responded I have heard nothing back.

I intend doing all the work myself as that is what I do best and also the fact is if you want a job well done and on time you have to do it yourself and not rely on others.

I do think that if 5000 were sold there will be about 2500 people that will probably take action and after a week or so of no replies this will probably come down to about 500 people actually using this service to gain work.

So this is a non runner for me although there is very little work involved in doing a search there is also very little reward so I do not recommend this wso at all. I will leave a link down the bottom for you to look at the software but I am not affiliated to this one as I only recommend the wsos that have a strong capability of getting you money and clients.

The tutorial videos themselves are not bad, there informative but I do think as this is a ” Newbie to Expert” type special offer that the training should be a lot more intense. It should go into the sales copy you write in the email and it also should have touched on pricing and how best to have a smooth transaction.

In theory this could be a great wso but in practicality for me its a flop. Sometimes Craig s list can be a great source if your looking to offload a kitchen table but I do think SEO, Design etc is not the place to find serious people looking at spending money on service like these.

Maybe the owner should have created the site around the likes of O desk or similar service websites where people actually take the time to create a detailed idea and post and have a escrow account to deal with monies until the job is complete.

All in all I do not recommend this , I just cant see how you can make money from the not so serious free adverts and to be honest a lot of people all looking for design work done for free as there only start ups etc or ” I cant pay you now ” types.

There is easier ways of making money online this is not one of them.

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