How to Write an ebook a month

August 30, 2014 Dave Ball 0

ShareSo I decided to write a non fiction book within a month and was successful in doing so. The non fiction self help book is on that I am passionate about, motivation. The book is on Kindle its called “Motivation Awaken your motivation and live the life you truly deserve”. […]

Buying a Dropped Domain With Go daddy Auctions

August 30, 2014 Dave Ball 0

ShareIts been a while guys. I have been creating a great product called Simple Product solution’s which I will be giving away free to anyone that subscribes to my newsletter.So its great to be back in the driving seat and I have been kept busy for the last 2 month […]

Get Worldwide exposure to your Website or advert

August 3, 2014 Dave Ball 0

Share Get traffic to your websites product or service and be seen by millions Are you like many others when it comes to getting traffic, its hit an miss unless your paying for it. My newest offer is simple, you create an advert for your business and I will place […]