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app inventor for mobile apps

March 29, 2013 Dave Ball 0

ShareHi all, I have not been posting in the last few weeks as I have been busy completing my eBook on product creation. I have finally finished and I will be posting about the struggles I had to over come in order to succeed and see it through. In the […]

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Push button giveaways review

March 14, 2013 Dave Ball 0

Share Building a list has been my priority for the last few months and it has been an uphill battle. Where do you start , with what tools ? Do I start with solo ads? with ad swaps? Well I found my answer last week and that is Keith Purkiss […]

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Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

March 8, 2013 Dave Ball 0

Share Hi all, I would just like to tell you about a WordPress plugin I installed this evening that I think is rather cool and whats more its free. Its called Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox and you can get it free from this link or do a search within your […]

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Top Tips On How To Stay Focused

March 6, 2013 Dave Ball 0

ShareI have always struggled with staying focused. If it  was creating a website a blog or an information product I would get so far and take my foot off the pedal. In school and in college I was the same so I have created this post to help both myself […]

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How To Promote Your Business On eBay

March 6, 2013 Dave Ball 1

ShareHow to Promote Your Business the easy way Have you  ever wondered how people selling information guides on eBay for 2 or 3 Dollars are making money. Well wonder no more. If you have a product to sell and promote, eBay is a great place to get some loyal customers. […]