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Blogging Tips

November 29, 2012 Dave Ball 4

ShareBlog tips I hope to be able to give you tips and techniques in blogging within this short introduction to blogging . I would really like your feedback on either anything you agree or disagree with its entirely up to you . The one important area in blogging is that […]

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Joint Venture and Ad Swaps

November 28, 2012 Dave Ball 6

ShareUnderstanding JVs and Ad swaps I have written this article to try and help others as to the language and also the process that is involved to either A JV or ad swap. I hope that it makes a little easier to understand and how simple the process really is, […]

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Creating an Article

November 23, 2012 Dave Ball 3

ShareHow to write an article ? I struggled trying to write an article for months, I thought I had to be an expert copywriter for people to take me seriously …. I was wrong, with these tips and tricks you will be able to write naturally and offer your audience […]

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Know your Customer

November 17, 2012 Dave Ball 1

ShareDo you Know your Customer ? Knowing your customer in today’s buyers market is an essential key to being successful.If you cant imagine who your customer is how will you know what they want to buy and where they will buy from next. I once heard know your customer as […]

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Internet Marketing Stategies

November 13, 2012 Dave Ball 2

ShareThe mind of a marketer Internet Marketing Stategies Welcome to a very important and vital section of what it takes to be an Internet marketer. Marketing is part of every business its how we approach that really make the difference between success and failure. Lets not forget that it is […]

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How do you create a blog

November 1, 2012 Dave Ball 4

ShareHow do you start a blog  Hi all, OK so we have moved on a little from the Google keyword tool and micro niches. So we have what our site or blog will be about and we have chosen a domain around the keyword that  is getting over 1500local searches […]